Hair Tutorial – Think Outside the Bun

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a style that could transform from day to night?

And back to day? The next day.

Hair Tutorial - Think Outside the Bun

As I was thinking outside the bun last week,

I pondered about what it’s like to be a mother and how we find ourselves in a hair rut.

You know… “sloppy hair knot on the top of your head with your gym shorts still on” kind of rut?

Yeah…. I have, like, four kids.

Beautifully wise and the most hilarious four kids.

Which, by the way, constitutes as “a million kids” here in Southern California (the joys of strangers and their comments),

so I’m TOTALLY guilty of this hair sin I rock most days,

BUT I have every excuse, right?


Especially on a date night, yo.

So, whether you have a million kids or just one,
work full time and have kid(s),
Kid less,full-time student,
employee, friend,
and/or wife,
fashion maven,
whatever your circumstance,

this post is for you.

Because seriously,
I think we women don’t have enough hours in the day to conquer the world and I don’t know why our hair has to take the brunt of this time dilemma…
And maybe it’s just me and “my million kids” problem,


I have a new picture hair tutorial for YOU.

Because this post is not about the social insecurities of motherhood… if only I was that deep,
but instead, this hair tutorial will help you looking stylishly cool in the day hanging with the fam, running errands, or tending to the demands of ruling the world kind of day…

or simply the problems of being gorgeously fabulous! THAT’S YOU.

So let’s get started,

Hair Tutorial - Think Outside the Bun

Step 1.
Comb through damp hair that is almost dry enough to easily braid but wet enough for your hair to finish drying in this braided look and part hair down the middle of the crown.
I like to add a little hair product here to help battle the war of frizzies.

Step 2.
Divide the sides in two (a top and bottom layer) and braid the top until you reach the center back of your scalp.
Secure braid with stretchy clear band. I like to tease and pull at the strands of the braid to give a more organic feel and look.

Steps 3 and 4.
Repeat on the other side.

Hair Tutorial - Think Outside the Bun

Steps 5-8.
Once both sides are braided, take one of the strands and wrap it around your crown until you reach the end of the braid.
Bobby pin in place to secure.
Repeat to the other side.

Easy Hair Tutorial - Think Outside the Bun

Step 9.
Your hair should have a braid on your crown like so.

Step 10.
For the remaining unbraided hair on the lower layer, part hair at the back of the scalp.

Step 11.
This time, braid towards your face.

Step 12.
Again securing with bobby pins and clear, elastic stretchy bands.
Also teasing and pulling strands for that au natural look,

Why yes, I did have bunnies and birds braid my hair, like so.”

Total, you would have made four different braids.
Two that started at the front and braided towards the back and two additional braids that started in the back and braided towards the front;
ALL securely placed and pinned where a headband would rest around the crown of your head.

Easy Hair Tutorial - Think Outside the Bun


C’est voilà! Très chic, no?

As evening approaches, unbraid your hair, and like magic, you have a completely different look with flirty, beachy waves for date night.
I also like to add a little product to battle the frizz – less is more.


Easy Hair Tutorial - Think Outside the Bun


May I add that it makes great bed head hair the next morning?


Easy Hair Tutorial - Think Outside the Bun


I was up for a mere ten minutes, and I have that whole
Why yes dawling**, I always look this great when I wake up” morning hair look.
**emphasis on the daaaawwwwling, of course.

It’s playful and effortless; if only my pillow lines on my face were that forgiving.

With any new style, give it a try for a few days, remembering to tease the braids and tame frizz.
The worse that could happen would be to unbraid, comb it out, and try again.

Deep breaths.

N’est-ce pas?

All hair is not created equal and you may need something more to lock those curls in place for evening. Some may require a few curled ends for the evening look and that’s okay! It beats restyling a look from scratch, right?

So there you have it!

Easy Hair Tutorial - Think Outside the Bun

Now, that I have saved you some extra time, the next question is, what to do with it?

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Thanks for visiting and have a glamorous day!



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