DIY Faux Hawk

Hey friends!
With my latest IG news, of my big move to Microsoftland (hubby got a new fancy job), the blogging has taken a back seat but now the details of moving have been sorted,
I’m baaaaaaaaack! For now… cuz…. I still gotta move…. So fun.

Anyways, I have this fun hair tutorial for ya, perfect for those “day two” or “day three” hair days (three is my max and I will not even admit to a day four).
Okay, so like, I have this cool friend that got super brave and chopped her hair off last spring.
I used to have SUPER short hair and part of me it a little jealous… seriously, I am alotta jealous!
She looks amazing.
If it didn’t take me over a decade to grow it out, I’d chop it off, I’m not ready for that sort of commitment.
Back to my friend… of all the amazing looks she rocks, the faux hawk is m’fave.

Today, I’m going to show you long-haired beauties how to rock it as good as the short hair hotties.
I have not used “hottie” in years… ha!

What I love most about this faux hawk tutorial it that it’s easy, fast, and changes up the whole ponytail routine that’s edgier and fun!
DIY Faux Hawk Tutorial, Long Hair

DIY Faux Hawk Tutorial

You will need a brush, rubberband/hair tie of your choice, and any leave-in hold spray.
Let’s get started!

Start by combing out your hair, and following each step with the coordinating number to pictures as your guide!

DIY Faux Hawk Tutorial, Long Hair

1. So, you want to separate your hair into two sections, the hair located in top of your scalp and the rest.

2. Comb back the hair located on the sides and back. Secure with a rubber band.

3. Tease the hair at the roots for the top section.

4. Using a reverse braid technique, braid the top section. Avoid braiding close to the roots because we need that volume for our look. As seen in the fourth picture, continue to braid to the end of the sectioned hair.

DIY Faux Hawk Tutorial, Long Hair
5 & 6. Secure your braid into the rest of your ponytail.
7 & 8. I like to tease the hair in front by pulling them forward a little so that the hair will stand out better at the front of the faux hawk. Then I pat it down a little, tease, pat down, and repeat as needed.

DIY Faux Hawk Tutorial, Long Hair

9 &10. Next tease the braid by pulling on strands in your braid, doing so will create the illusion of a thicker and fatter braid and makes a really cool top to your fauxhawk. Teasing the braid strands will also create more volume.

11 & 12. Grab a strand of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around your hair tie to hide the band, this will help make the look cleaner and put together. When you’re done, spritz it with your favorite hairspray to hold in place and keep flyaways at bay. After that, you’re good to go!

DIY Faux Hawk Tutorial, Long Hair

That’s it! Pretty fun right?

I was surprised at the amount of awesome feedback I got from everyone, friends and strangers, alike. It’s bolder and adds a some drama to the day to day…
a little drama keeps things interesting, right? 

DIY Faux Hawk Tutorial, Long Hair

So, another reason I have been away from blog land, is this new thing I am doing with a good friend of mine… we are in the skirt biz.

We have created a line of skirts (visit here) that is to be sold at the next Penelope Lane Boutique in Long Beach on March 28.
We have some fun pencils and aline skirts, the length is inspired from the Spring runway shows with longer hemlines.
I am obsessed with the pencil skirts, especially this sample I created for myself!

Make sure to like us on instagram account so you can get update date info on the market and future purchasing options!

DIY Faux Hawk Tutorial, Long Hair

So anyways, go bold and give that faux hawk a try! I love finding new ways to freshen up a look!
I have some other fun hair tutorials, like this great bun alternative, and my headscarves.

As always, I love you feedback and questions.
Until then, thanks for stopping by and have a glamorous day!!






DIY Faux Hawk Tutorial, Long Hair


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