DIY Burberry Prorsom’s Scarf Look

I have been in LOVE with Burberry Prorsom’s scarf look from their 2014 fall collection ALL WINTER.
But winter can get cold and my Blanketscarf tutorial was always more appropriate,
but as we’re approaching spring and not to mention, technically it’s still winter (sometimes in LA),

I thought I would show you how to recreate Burberry’s scarf look from their fall runway.

If you have tried my Blanketscarf Tutorial, then this will be a piece of cake!
If you have not, have the confidence like you have done this before because it’s SUPER easy.
Another reason why it’s like the blanketscarf tutorial?
You get to make TWO.

Naturally, this is great to do with a friend, or craft alone and gift the other!
Then you get to be that super thoughtful friend, but you and i know it was ALL for the sake of fashion.

To get started, you’ll need:

  • a printed pattern, light weight chiffon,
  • and scissors.

THAT’s it.

Now, depending on your size, short or tall, you will need to buy 1.5 – 2 yards of fabric. If you are really short, you might be swimming in the 2 yards, and the opposite go for tall. Best way to find out, is to take a measuring tape and drape it around your neck. That should give you a good idea for an approximate length.

When you bring your fabric home and lay it it out, identify your crosswise and lengthwise grain.
When you bought your fabric, the sales people cut your fabric along the crosswise grain which is typically folded in half so it can be rolled up on a bolt.
The lengthwise is the amount of yards you purchased and is also considered your selvaged edge.
DIY Burberry Prorsom's Scarf Look, Tutorial
First you will true the ends of your crosswise grain.
To do this, using scissors, snip with your scissors 1 or 2 inches away from the edge of the fabric on your lengthwise grain, like this:
DIY Burberry Prorsom's Scarf Look, Tutorial
DIY Burberry Prorsom's Scarf Look, Tutorial
Then you will grab both ends and literally rip the fabric apart…
As seen on my Instagram account.

It will fray and have all these threads everywhere and that’s perfect.
DIY Burberry Prorsom's Scarf Look, Tutorial

Pull as many as you can off and maybe a little more, for good measure.
The scarves in the Burberry Prorsom’s collection had frayed edges, so the more the merrier!!

Depending on how uneven the fabric is when it was cut,
you MAY find yourself in a situation where the threads are pulled and they all come off in the middle of your fabric.
Don’t freak, that just means your fabric is really off grain, no biggie and there’s an easy fix,
Grab the other end and trying this step all over again.
Repeat on the other end of your fabric (scarf).

Now to make two scarves.
Cut another small snip like you did in the first step but this time in the CENTER of your 2 yards. So if you got 2 yards of a 44/60″ width fabric, cut a small snip (about 1 inch) in the center of your two yards; so that after you rip apart the to fabrics you would have two 22/30 inch width x 2 yards in length for your scarves.
As seen in the picture below,
DIY Burberry Prorsom's Scarf Look, Tutorial

The final step is WEARING it! Always the fun part, right?
You need a for this scarf look and follow the picture tutorial below,

DIY Burberry Prorsom's Scarf Look, Tutorial
DIY Burberry Prorsom's Scarf Look, Tutorial

Pretty simple and yet adds interest to a plain outfit. Quick tip, wear it with one end longer than the other.
In Burberry’s collection, you will notice they do the same. Additionally you will noticed the scarves are LONGER!
I am in love with the extra long length, but not everyone is crazy about it.
So give this a try and experiment with new lengths this spring when you want a bolder scarf look!

DIY Burberry Prorsom's Scarf Look, Tutorial

DIY Burberry Prorsom's Scarf Look, Tutorial

Patterns are fun and all over their runways for fall and this spring! This tutorial is a great way to instantly add color to your wardrobe!
Give it a try, tell me how you love it and tag me on Instagram or Facebook, I would LOVE to see you rocking one of the coolest trends from Burberry.

Thanks for stopping by and have a glamorous day!



DIY Burberry Prorsom's Scarf Look, Tutorial






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    Great outfit once again and great DIY Riva. Love the scarf especially belted like that. A casual-chic look. Also, your latest comment on my post really put a smile on my face. Thank you so much. =)

  2. 9

    LOVE THIS!! Great tutorial, you pulled off this look and it look as luxury as the real deal!! Thank you so much for linking up to the #reasonstodress linkup, you have a new fan here!

    Just had a look through your archives and I love how original and creative your posts are. Very nice to meet you and I will be following along!

    Angie from reasons to dress

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