My 8th Feature In The ‘Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Weekly Roundup

Excited to share my 8th feature with The ‘Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Weekly Roundup! My DIY Lanvin Inspired Shift Tutorial has been a hit and I am so grateful for the love! Among the other 20 I am featured with, here are my  top 3 favorites!

  1. Attire Club’s, The Best 7 Looks From Men’s Resort 2015, was great because there is so much talk of women’s trends in my little life that it’s refreshing to get a guys look into fashion, trends, and point of view.
  2. Floral for spring is nothing new, however, I loved Wishing for Chanel’s, Four Ways to Wear Floral, because she goes one step further and breaks down floral by trends. You are not going to bring any floral into your closet, you are going to pick the right kind!
  3. Being the fabric lover that I am, nothing drives me more mad than when people incorrectly talk about fashion textiles the wrong way.
    For example, satin and silk are NOT the same thing. Satin is a type of weave and silk is a fiber; you can weave silk or polyester to make a “satin” weave and not the other way around- but I digress… One of my favorite classes in fashion school was Textiles (to be honest, all the classes were my favorite) and so that’s why I Can Style U’s, What’s the Difference Between Denim and Chambray?. The post is fantastically simple in it’s explanation for those who know nothing about textiles and want to know the difference between the two.





Spring Denim à la Mode

IFB bloggers are ready for spring, that much is clear. Unfortunately, the weather is not acting very spring-like in many of the locales where our bloggers reside. But we have some tricks up our sleeves. Spring makeup works even if it’s only 49 degrees outside, and light colored denim (a very popular topic this week!) will keep you just about as warm as darker hues. Chambray is also a good choice—and by the way, have you ever wondered how that denim-like fabric is different from actual denim? I know I did, so thank you, Christie of I Can Style You.

Also a quick editorial note: Kindly submit no more than two posts per week. Also, if your post has been chosen, don’t forget to post LALM on your own blog! If you need a refresher on all the LALM rules and guidelines, check them out here. On to the links!

Links à la Mode: April 16

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