My Feature In The ‘Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Weekly Roundup

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So happy to return for this week’s Links à la Mode with my Michael Kors Inspired Skirt Tutorial (link below).
It’s one of my favorite piece’s that I have been able to create and I’ve always been a HUGE of his collections.

It’s fun to be grouped up with so many taslented bloggers this week and here are my 3 top favorite posts for this week’s Links à la Mode

  1. I am all about reducing one’s wardrobe and really enjoyed, Bookish & Belle’s How I Reduced My Wardrobe by Half With the Konmari Method.
    Vivienne Westwood that said, “Buy less, choose well.” Makes you give your closet a second look, right?
  2. A New Parisian Look for Autumn/Winter ’15 by We Are Ready Made has some great insights for fall trends.
    I always like to think about the next season in the back of my mind, it really helps you shop smarter for accessories and etc.
  3. And while we are enjoying the season, I cannot get enough of the boho look.
    I will in LA and everyone is fluent with this look. Boho Finds shares the 5 Must-Haves for Boho Babes.
    I own 4 out of the five.

Check out some other posts and get inspired by these awesome posts!

Riva xo

Links à la Mode: May 28

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