Bright Floral Evening Gown Tutorial

When I got into Fashion Design, I had dreams to design for the red carpet.
I absolutely enjoy watching all these beautiful people wearing beautiful gowns and going to these beautiful events.
I wanted to be apart of something like that.
Being a grown up and all (and a full time happy momma of four),
I don’t get asked to many red carpet events – never mind that I have no talent that would take me there, ha!

Prom and Homecoming dances were as close as I got – grown ups should have more of these, right??
Especially with society’s obsession with sweat pants.

Anyways, I thought it would be great to make some dresses inspired for my love of carpet events.

Last week, we had the People’s Choice Awards.
I’ve documented the progress on this Bright Floral Evening Gown my Instagram – are you following along with me?

You should.

We have more award shows coming up and I show all my newest dresses and progress there before they get posted here.
My Golden Globe dress is there now, but I digress…

Bright Floral Evening Gown Tutorial on RivaLaDiva (inspired and designed for the 2016 People's Choice Awards). Billion Dollars Brows.

Okay, back to the The People’s Choice Awards dress tutorial, here what you need:

  • Burda Pattern b6848 (found at, cut out dress C
  • Pattern making paper, tissue paper, butcher paper, or grided wrapping paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • sewing experience and understanding of patterns
  • Dress Fabric – unfortunately, I have no link to share where to buy this fabric;
    I snatched this fabric up from one of my dreamy trips to the fabric district in downtown LA,

Directions for this Bright Floral Evening Gown tutorial will be in the photo below as a guide:
Bright Floral Evening Gown Tutorial on RivaLaDiva 5

  1. Using Burda pattern b6848 as a sloper,
    transfer front bodice to pattern paper and add the other side of your bodice on your pattern paper;
    doing so will give you the full bodice to work with.
  2. Mark the center front
  3. Mark lines to spread front bodice pattern to create front bodice detail.
  4. Cut on dotted lines and spread pattern EVENLY to create front waistline pleats; use a ruler to measure distances.
    Tape paper down to the pattern paper, then fold pleats closed, smooth seamline at the front waistline.
    While folded with pleats closed, cut paper to create folding lines.
    When opened, it will look like black lined bodice in picture #4.
    When you sew this garment, you will pleat this fabric and baste into place.
  5. Retrace your skirt and extend the front skirt length on your pattern paper.
  6. Using a ruler, draw lines on the pattern to open/cut the skirt pattern for a more flowy look.
    Cut on dotted lines.
  7. Spread lines. Tape down. Smooth hemline. Mark slit line (can be approx).
    OPTIONAL. If you want a train, extend the length of the  skirt at the side seam and blend into the front of the skirt hem.
  8. Repeat to the back skirt making sure side seams match.
  9. Sew pattern

This Bright Floral Evening Gown Tutorial has my 3 favorite trends right now AND they were spotted that night on the red carpet as well,

  • Long Sleeves
  • High Neck
  • Slit

Bright Floral Evening Gown Tutorial on RivaLaDiva (inspired and designed for the 2016 People's Choice Awards). Billion Dollars Brows.

Bright Floral Evening Gown Tutorial on RivaLaDiva (inspired and designed for the 2016 People's Choice Awards). Billion Dollars Brows.

When preparing for the makeup part of this Bright Floral Evening Gown look, I wanted that Hollywood glam.

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Bright Floral Evening Gown Tutorial on RivaLaDiva (inspired and designed for the 2016 People's Choice Awards). Billion Dollars Brows.

I have tried it on my brows for a few posts now including my Menswear inspired post, HERE.
Ulta Beauty Metallic Eyes and Menswear

With award season in full steam and my love for design, also inspired by a New Year’s resolution,
I will be creating at least one new gown each month in 2016.

Some, I will show you how to recreate yourself and others for you to purchase in my shop.
Either case, I hope you that you can join me each week and month!

Until next time, thanks for joining me and have a glamorous day!

Riva xo


Bright Floral Evening Gown Tutorial on RivaLaDiva, 1

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    Love your DIY and red carpet/dressing up for grown ups idea. I dress up to work as with kids I do not go out much. People always say why do you dress up to work and I say, I have all these clothes and I don’t go out anywhere, when I am with the kids, I dress comfortably to be able to run after them…so what should I do with my clothes if I don’t wear them to work…In reality, I love the process of looking good and I’Ve started to document every outfit I wear to work as inspiration for myself and others on Instagram. Your dress attracted me from the Style Nudge link up. Would love if you can link up to I post a link up every day. You can subscribe to my list to get the notifications 🙂

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