DIY Baby Doll Blouse

While enjoying the warmer and brighter days here in Seattle, I cannot help but feel energized by the presence of my good and longtime friend, Mr. Sun and no matter the weather, rain or shine, sunglasses are my constant companion. One of my recent favorites are these shades from Firmoo, they are very GiGi Hadid-ish but without the GiGi preferred price. Since my last collabroation with Firmoo, here, I have heard so many great reviews from my readers about Firmoo and NOW they offer sunglasses!?! Really cool glasses, too. Some one pinch me! Same great service and quality but at affordable price – and you KNOW how I like a good deal! hehe

DIY Baby Doll Blouse on

Despite the fact that my calendar reads “winter”, I have my shades in check, the sun is shining more, and my winter blues are on their way out! In the back of my mind, I feel as though if I start DIYing for spring, it will surely come to pass a a quicker pace, right? riiiiiiiggggghhhhhtt…..

Which means I’m starting to ditch my bulky layers and trade them in for second favorite season, SPRING.

A few posts back, I recently blogged about the most perfect floral blouse, HERE. Since then, I’ve been coveting the light layers and textures of spring fashion! Which has really inspired today’s post, with a few simple tiems, you to can recreate this EASY look. For those semi-new to sewing, THIS is a great project to try!
DIY Baby Doll Blouse on

To recreate this DIY Baby Doll Blouse. you will need:

  • long sleeve knit shirt
  • matching fabric
  • scissors
  • sewing supplies


  1. Decide wear to cut your sleeves and bodice off your long sleeved top.
    I really wanted the sleeve line and waistline to match so I tried on my top and pinned on my shirt at the points my waist and elbows met. Evenly measured out those distances from the hemline and cut off the end of my sleeve and shirt.
  2. Discover bodice and arm pattern widths.
    ** WAIST/bodice. I took measurements of my waist, divided it in half, and times that by 2.5 inches.
    So if my waist is 30″ and I times it by 2.5 which equals 75″. I will NEVER find fabric with a crosswise grain of 75″, neither will you. So you need to divide that measure (75″) by 2, which will equal 37.5.
    ** ARM. Take your arm measurement (8.5 inches) and times by 2.5 inches (equals approx. 21.5″)
  3. Add Pattern Length, 18 inches, and cut fabric.
    ** WAIST/bodice. For my front bodice pattern, I have a 37.5″ Crosswise grain and and 18″ lengthwise grain (37.5″ width x 18″ length) rectangle. Cut two, so you have a front and back bodice.
    ** ARM. Add 18″ of length to my arm pattern width of 21.5″, you arm sleeve patern should be 21.5″ wideth by 18″ length). Cut two for a right and left sleeve.
  4. Sew side seams together.
    **Bodice. Sew your 18″ side seam together, front right to back right and front left to back left. aftre this you will have 1 bodice piece.
    **ARM.  Sew right arm sleeve together and left arm sleeve together, unlike the bodice, you will have 2 pieces.
  5. Gather and Pin.
    Gather the top of your sleeve and bodice patterns with a long gather stitch. Pin fabric onto your shirt sleeves and body.
  6. Sew into place.
  7. Hem. Finish the hems of your fabric so it does not fray.
  8. Iron. 
    Press the gather down to remove gathering volume. I noticed that my gathering made my shirt look super poufy at the waist and elbows which is not what I was going for, by pressing them down, I noticed that it gave them a bit of a dowdy gathered look I was wanting.

After than you are DONE. Ta-Da!!! Prett simple idea, right? HECK YES.

So go find a old shirt, some cute woven rayon, and give your shirt the fashion CPR it needs – ha!

I loved this tutorial so much, I have another spin for you to try later this week so stay tuned!!

Catch sneak peeks and post updates on Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by and have a glamour day!


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DIY Baby Doll Blouse on DIY Baby Doll Blouse on DIY Baby Doll Blouse on DIY Baby Doll Blouse on DIY Baby Doll Blouse on

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    I love this blouse! Thank you for this tutorial on the bell sleeves – I just cut out the top pattern you used for the white version you just posted in knit (you cannot leave comments on that posting by the way) we’ll see if I can here. I love this pattern as do most of the Palmer/Pletsch patterns 🙂

  2. 8

    Excited and Impressed. I love this! You did such a wonderful job showing me how to make this cool top. I can’t wait to make one. Gratitude and Respect. Namaste.

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