RED Valentino Scalloped inspired Dress Tutorial


Using one versatile pattern from the McCall’s pattern company,
I’m showing you how to recreate this easy RED Valentino Scalloped inspired Dress.

Don’t you love when the stars align so perfectly that you have a $695.00 dress idea from RED Valentino that will take $0 to make?
That was my luck last month when I spotted this gorgeous short sleeve two-toned scalloped dress from RED Valentino,
because I already owned the perfect pattern for this look AND all the fabric to go with this look.

I have tried to explain this very idea to my husband when it comes to the embarrassing piles
(piles = code word for “many extra, large tote bins of fabric”)
that’s currently overrun my sewing space.
It’s like a savings bank, but for fabric.
Because eventually, I always go to my stash and find something I love,
just like I did with this RED Valentino Scalloped inspired dress (see original, here).

Recreating this look is super easy as I’m using a pattern that has helped me recreate some of my favorite looks,
the DIY Juicy Couture Mint Dress and the DIY Kate Spade Striped Dress.

RED Valentino Scalloped Dress Tutorial on

RED Valentino Scalloped Dress Tutorial



  1. Cut fabric according to pattern directions, adding 1.5 inches to the bottom of the white contrast.
    This extra 1.5 inches will be your scallop allowance.
  2. Measure width of the white hemline, evenly mark enough scallops across the hem that are about 2.5-3.5 inches wide.
    I used a juice cup to help draw the semi-circle shapes with a fabric marking pin.
  3. Because I’m using a heavy knit, after I mark the scallops,
    I can easily cut out the shapes with scissors with no hemming required (jersey does not fray).
  4. Baste the scallops onto the black contrasting hem and top-stitch the scallops in place.
  5. Continue to sew pattern according to pattern directions and that’s it!

If you are unfamiliar with RED Valentino, it’s a sister company from well-known fashion house, Valentino. The color red, being it’s signature color, is also named for the acronym of Romantic Eccentric Dress. With sassy scalloped hem dress like this, you are sure to stand out and save hundreds when you sew it yourself!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a glamorous day!


Outfit Details
BAG – Nicole Lee (as seen in my Print Mixing Post, here)
Sunglasses – Brass Plum

RED Valentino Scalloped Dress Tutorial on RED Valentino Scalloped Dress Tutorial on RED Valentino Scalloped Dress Tutorial on

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