DIY Rebecca Taylor inspired Patched Denim Jeans

One of the more thriftier trends on the runways for fall is this reconstructed denim look; inspired by Rebecca Taylor, I have an easy patchwork denim tutorial just for YOU.
Glamour Magazine mentioned that this is one of the fall’s most wearable trends to try this season and I must add that it is one of the EASIEST denim trends you can make yourself! It has the cool artsy vibe that I love so much and who can refuse a denim? They referenced designers like Public School, Rag & Bone, Rebecca Taylor, and Tome, and unfortunately ALL looks will put a dent in your savings account!
For this Rebecca Taylor inspired patchwork denim jean tutorial, you will need…
  • 3 Pairs of old jeans (yes, THREE, the eye like to see things in three.
    Keep them all the same cut, for example,
    I used some boot leg jeans I was obsessed with 5 years ago and could not bring myself to part from just yet.
  • Scissors
  • Denim or yellow topstitching thread,
  • Supplies, sewing machine, thread (join pieces), needle, etc….
  1. Lay your jeans on top of each other, match the leg width and length with each the others. Plan out where you want to cut and slice your jeans, I used Rebecca Taylor’s $235 look as my inspiration (not exact copy) and kept the placement of patchwork organic feeling and very asymmetrical. The ONLY thing symmetrical should be the length of your pants.
  2. This next part is important:
    Before you cut, it would be best to draw out with a fabric safe marker your seams THEN add seam allowances to the pieces you will keep. It would be awful if you cut them all and your jeans were at the wrong length. Then again, Rebecca Taylor’s denim IS cropped, so my advice to you is go where inspiration takes you!

    When you have all your pieces cut it will look something like this, DIY Rebecca Taylor Patchwork Denim Jean tutorial

  3. After that, pin in place and attach your denim pieces to each other by sewing the leg lengths together, top stitch down, iron to smooth out bumps, and you’re done!
It’s a fairly simple tutorial and if you have some old denim at home it will cost you next to nothing! If you don’t, visit your local thrift stores, find some inexpensive jeans and “make it work” because this tutorial can get done in less that an hour! So you have more time to do wear lipstick.

Wait wut? How is this relevant?

It’s not but the lipstick I’m wearing will last longer than the time it will take you to recreate this look, IN FACT, this lipstick from Lipsense will stay on from day to night! If you have some time this afternoon, I’m sharing my current love affair with Lipsense LIVE on my Facebook Page, 2pm PT. Drop in and say and let me tell you about the magic that is Lipsense, what I like what I don’t like.

Thanks for stopping by and have a glamorous day!


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