4 Ways to Shop Online this Holiday Season

It’s that time again when your feeds will be exploding with online sales and it will continue off and on, mostly on, for the rest of the year!
It’s currently that start of the biggest shopping sale of the year – are you as excited as I am?! I doubt I’m alone and as much as I wish I was the best gift giver (I’m not), I cannot resist looking for things that I love, as well! Also, I love sharing items that change my eyes into hearts with my husband. I married the sweeeeeeetest guy but I really do not want another video game or game console as a present! So I love to drop him hints and he REALLY loves it, too.

In today’s post, I want to help you navigate this sale filled season in the best possible way and am sharing how to shop it smarter.

1. Shopping online is the BEST. For the next few months, the stores will be cray-zay, and a lot of things you wished you had grabbed will be sold out. ShopBop offers FREE 3-Day Shipping and free returns. IF you have an Amazon account – EVEN BETTER. ShopBop customers who are members of the Amazon Prime membership program can enjoy their Prime shipping benefits on Shopbop AND Prime shipping benefits, including free two-day shipping and next day shipping discounts.

2. Start early. ShopBop is starting their busy sale season with this important weekend! The discounts are too good to be true! When you enter the code: MAINEVENT16 during checkout, you get the opportunity get 25% off when you spend up to $500 and 30% off when you spend over! I always love to go juuuuuust a little over the max price because the savings are huge and if you’re spending that much you gotta make it work for you, right? It’s amazing to see the price difference when 25-30% is taken off!

3. Be Smart. When shopping sales, you do not want to end up with things you don’t love. ShopBop is a high-end online boutique so when I buy here, I like to shop and look for two things:

  • Things I cannot DIY myself. I can only make sooooo much, friends!! haha
    This is when I like to look for boots, jeans, and sweaters.
    I recently picked up the following from their Main Event Sale,
    4 Ways to Shop Online
    JEANS, Blank Denim; SWEATER, BB Dakota; Boots, Jefferey Campbell
  • Shop the “10 Wardrobe Essentials” (I love Tim Gunn’s take on this, read more here), consider them the bones to your “style”. It’s easy to write down an item or two that you desperately need in your closet – I’m really in need of a blazer. Your list will be a great guide as you shop. Also, if the prices get too high, I love to adjust the filter button so I don’t get too overwhelmed.

4. Buy more than one. Wait, wut? Yep, you read that right. When you buy online, it’s hard to know how things are going to fit, AND there’s nothing worse than getting excited for a garment that does not fit… so be flexible and buy two! Try them on and the return what you don’t like (super easy and FREE). I always worry that companies won’t take my returns but since they are offering, I wonder if they care? I have to say probably not. Because I think most stores will understand as they offer returns for free by mail, right? I think so!
Now it’s time to get shopping and start getting your closet ready for Fall and Winter — bring on the velvet and fur jackets!

Thanks for stopping by, have a glamorous day!


4 Ways to Shop Online



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4 Ways to Shop Online


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