Easy Flannel Shirt Dress Tutorial

Easy Flannel Shirt Dress Tutorial Easy Flannel Shirt Dress Tutorial Easy Flannel Shirt Dress Tutorial Easy Flannel Shirt Dress Tutorial Easy Flannel Shirt Dress Tutorial Easy Flannel Shirt Dress Tutorial

If you are loving the 90’s flannel trend as much as I do, then you are going to love this Easy Flannel Shirt Dress Tutorial! The shirt dress made a huge impact on our wardrobe last summer and I’ve decided to hold strong to this easy look and work it with a flannel vibe! As cooler temps chill my home town, I’m cozying up with a flannel shirtdress that can be worn alone and with heels for a more sophisticated look or wear it more casually and with comfort as I layer it up with my favorite jeans and tees combo!

To recreate this look, you will need TWO flannel tops. I used a small and XXL. Using the diagram below as a guide you will make this flannel look with 2 steps and you will be using this in TWO parts.


  1. Match up the two tops to your desired length and cut across the width of the shirts. Don’t move the shirts! That cut line is your “new waistline”.
  2. Blend the side seams together and cut the lower flannel top from the bottom of the top all the way until you cut 1″ above your “new waistline”. The cut should almost blend into the side seam of your top shirt. DON’T MOVE THE SHIRTS!

THEN (back to step one – using the diagram)


  1. Sew front top and bottom shirts together at the waistline and sew back top and bottom together at the waistline.
  2. Sew the side seams together. I started at my wrist and took in a inch until I got to my armpit (I was using men’s flannel tops for this look). As soon As I got to my armpit, I kept my seam at 1/2″ along the sides of my dress length.

Hope this is helpful and of course, message me with questions! Thanks for coming by and have a WONDERFUL DAY!

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Easy Flannel Dress Tutorial



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  1. 2

    Love this restyle. I really love it styled as a shirt/jacket & under the leather jacket is awesome too. I’ll be sure & share this if I try it. Thanks for the tutorial. & Have a happy Thanksgiving & holiday season Riva. Best, Theresa

  2. 7
    Denise Robinson

    I’m a flannel shirt lover from way back when I was a teenager. I’m 63 now an I still love them. Even though it’s November 2018. I’m retired now and can’t wait to start sewing again. With working, family, home an all the things that involve, not much time to enjoy doing something my Grandmother taught me to love. She owned a dress making business an I was so blessed to be able to spend my summers learning from her.
    I particularly love reinventing something so cute as this dress. I’m wondering if I could make it a maxie dress using three (3) shirts. Thank you so much for teaching me this. I can’t wait to go buy flannel shirts and get busy. Sincerely, Denise

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