Cropped, Wide-Leg Fringed Pant

Cropped, Wide-Leg Fringed Pant Cropped, Wide-Leg Fringed Pant Cropped, Wide-Leg Fringed Pant Cropped, Wide-Leg Fringed Pant
ON ME // Hair, beach waves; BeachWaver curling wand; Sunglasses: BP Nordstrom;
Top: Walmart; Pant: McCall’s Pattern M7445; Fabric: JoAnn Fabric
Shoes: platform sandals from Free People (similar), Purse: NICOLE LEE USA, Leopard Hadley tote

Today’s look gives me spring fever… IN JANUARY, haha! I’m ready for lighter layers, cropped flared pants, and shorter sleeves. So, I’ve had my eye on the cropped flared pant trend for several months wondering if this was a look I could pull off (we can) and as I check out spring trends for this upcoming season, this pattern is a MUST. I once heard Anna Wintour frown on the cropped wide leg trend and that only supermodels can wear this trend…. I am assuming because of height? Because let’s face it, we can all look supermodel gorgeous with good lighting, great hair and makeup artists, talented photographers, and skilled photoshoppers – luckily, it’s quite easy to obtain the height we need to elongate those legs of ours with HEELS. Since I was feeling springy, these platform sandals from Free People were a no brainer.

But wait, Riva, what if you are shorter? And the cropped pants don’t hit at the right spot? 

GET IT ALTERED. Never assume that all clothing fits on everyone except you. Most people do without but others get smart and alter these loved looks to fit their needs and not the other way around! Seeing that this is a sewing blog, can I recommend my current favorite cropped, wide-leg pant pattern? Melissa Watson’s cropped wide-leg pants, M7445, is a dream. I’m such a HUGE fan of this pattern and it’s quite easy to whip up! If you don’t own this pattern, grab it. I have some really neat ideas this spring to incorporate this pattern into my wardrobe this upcoming season and I’m quite excited to share!
For starters, the cropped, wide-leg fringed pant is all the rage… As seen below!
Cropped, Wide-Leg Fringed Pant
But if you are anything like me, making your own is more exciting!
The way to recreate that fringed look,
  1. cut up and sew your pattern according to direction and then omit the hemming.
  2. Throw them into the wash once the garment is completed. there will be little scraggly white thread hanging from them, trim them 1″ or so away from the hemline. It make look perfect after one wash but you might have you give it another wash. The more washes, the more glorious the unraveling! ha! With that said, there are many tutorials on how to get the denim messy hem, but through them into the wash gave it a more natural and organic look to it! I have a habit or over doing techique sometimes, so it was nice to have the machine do it for me. EASY stuff!

Thanks so much for stopping by and ave a glamorous day!

Riva xo

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Cropped, Wide-Leg Fringed Pant


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