PARIS | Pattern Review: Butterick B6385


PARIS | Pattern Review: Butterick B6385 PARIS | Pattern Review: Butterick B6385 PARIS | Pattern Review: Butterick B6385 PARIS | Pattern Review: Butterick B6385 PARIS | Pattern Review: Butterick B6385 PARIS | Pattern Review: Butterick B6385 PARIS | Pattern Review: Butterick B6385 PARIS | Pattern Review: Butterick B6385 PARIS | Pattern Review: Butterick B6385 PARIS | Pattern Review: Butterick B6385

{ON ME} Coat: Butterick b6385; Fabric: Seattle Goodwill;
Leggings: LuLuRoe; Wrap Top: Simplicity Pattern (no longer available); Necklace: Kay Jewelers;
Purse: Nicole Lee USA; Flats: Sam Edelman; Sunglasses – Women’s Cat Eye Sunglasses;

Bonjour mes amis!

Je suis allé à Paris la semaine dernière. C’était incroyable!

Love my French? You probably thought you were in France, right? Well, you are not – unless you live there and if so, how come we never got together and shared a croissant..? *kidding*  But seriously, I swear, you visit Paris for a week, then you go home and it’s a bummer to speak English again… actually, I got as far as the “Bonjour mes amis” and the rest I google translated…

So yeah, I went to Paris last week. It was amazing!! AMAZING. I have dreamed about visiting Paris since I was a teen back in the mid-90s. I was obsessed with the movie, French Kiss (and Sabrina). I totally rocked that Meg Ryan for several years. Totally.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to participate at the McCall’s Style Show at the Sew and Stitchery Expo here in Washington, I had sewn 9 looks for the McCall’s show and all were inspired looks to wear while I was in Paris. The expo was amazing and I cannot wait to talk more about that but let’s just say I got to meet and rub elbows with those most amazing women: Melissa Watson is a gem, Gertie is captivating, and Pati Palmer was such a treat. I still cannot believe that experience was real and so excited to share with you soon! Back to the coat…

The coat I’m sharing with you today is made with Butterick Patterns, B6385. I used a beautiful magenta wool I found at the Goodwill here in Seattle – sorry no links. It was a beautiful wool and I really wanted to make something that I would love! I remember reading in one of Tim Gunn’s many books that coats should have that standout color or feature – the world is filled with dark black coats and it’s true, especially in Paris. Everyone in downtown Paris was wearing black. Black boots, pants, tops, purse, and coat. Don’t get me wrong, they wore that all black chic look no one else but when you spot a bold yellow with black buttons or a hot pink coat, your eyes were instantly drawn to them.

The pattern it self is inspiring. Wait, what the heck does that even mean?

So… sewing this pattern made me want to make more coats in the future! I haven’t made a coat in a REALLY long time. I didn’t need one in California and I’ve been a little too lazy to get my act together to make one here in Seattle until the Expo. I used pattern “C” with the funnel neck and covered snaps (I haven’t made one of those since school) for closures. I interlined the shell to support the body of the coat and tried different techniques I haven’t used in years – IT WAS AWESOME. The pattern itself is fairly easy but considered “average”as far as skill. If you are a newbie – this coat is definitely doable, just take your time and press well. Making this coat got my mind thinking about the next one and what I would make and how I would do the next. I was afraid to put buttonholes into my coat and thought about bound button holes until I realized I didn’t prep for that in advanced (next time), so I added covered snaps. Covered snaps are so cool and I had a blast making them – true story. I have a tailoring book that I looked at (Singer) and cross referenced with many issues of threads magazines. I am a sucker for that magazine and own quite the collection. I have 80% of their publications (thanks to ebay). Did you know you can visit their site online and use their magazine index for specific sewing help? Check it out here! There are also few books I would love to get my hands on for the next coat because there is so much that goes into make a coat that I find interesting and exciting. FIT looks like they have a super dope book and I love everything Claire Shaffer writes – lot’s on my wishlist on amazon!

I cannot wait to make my next coat for your all. I know the color I want and now I need to find the right fabric! I realize it’s spring this fine morning in Seattle but I want to venture to New York City in the fall, you know, to live out my other favorite Meg Ryan flick – You’ve Got Mail, ha! I have a few months to make the perfect fall coat – so exciting!! I’ve never been there either. I haven’t really been any where but after visiting Paris, how can one sit still in one city? I want to go EVERYWHERE, haha! I have many new looks to share with you from Paris and pattern reviews from my favorite pattern company.

Until then, à bientôt!


Pattern Review: Butterick B6385


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    Love your beautiful vibrant coat. I have this pattern as well so I am glad to see that your version turned out so gorgeous. You will love NYC. I commute there everyday to go to work and I have never tired of the Big Apple. You must visit Mood Fabrics, B&J Fabrics, Pacific Trim and the FIT museum which is free. The Met is also a wonderful place to visit….so many places!

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    French Kiss is also my secret/not secret favourite movie! I recognised your photo immediately and it gives me so much joy to know I wasn’t the only one.
    I’m planning to make this coat, but in the Alabama Chanin style, if I can figure out how to adjust it.

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    Hi Riva,
    I’m glad you enjoyed our capital :-). Paris is a nice city to visit !
    I want to buy the pattern of this coat but I hesitate between the size, wich are not the same as the one we use in Europe. While searching on the internet, I found your site and the awesome coat you’ve made. That’s very great job ! I wish mine will be as beautiful… And it’s true that in France, we wear lots of black coats…
    Could you please help me about the size I should take for the pattern? According to my height (1,70m), I should use the Damen table (and not the Misses’one). But my usually sizes are FR 38-40, meaning a US 10-12 size, on the Misses table… I’m lost 😀
    Thank you for you help.

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