Versailles | Melissa Watson Cropped Pant m7445

Versailles | Melissa Watson Cropped Pant  m7445 Versailles | Melissa Watson Cropped Pant  m7445 Versailles | Melissa Watson Cropped Pant  m7445 Versailles | Melissa Watson Cropped Pant  m7445 Versailles | Melissa Watson Cropped Pant  m7445 Versailles | Melissa Watson Cropped Pant  m7445 Versailles | Melissa Watson Cropped Pant  m7445

{ON ME} Top: McCalls Pattern, m6964; Pant: McCall’s Pattern M7445; Fabric: Thrifted at GoodWill;
Red Jacket Arm Candy (ha!): MK Michael Kors; Neck Tie and Purse: Nicole Lee USA
Shoes: Platform (nothing fancy, just whatever I had comfy to walk in!); Sunglasses – Women’s Cat Eye Sunglasses;
Makeup (I work at SeneGence Cosmetics) – Longlasting Lipcolor: LipSense Blu Red (I didn’t reapply once!)
Mascara: Black LashSense, Face: Porcelain MakeSense Anti-Aging; Candlelight ShadowSense.
Message me for more details, over HERE.
You guys! One of the days I was in France, we visited Versailles. The town of Versailles is soooo beautiful and I would definitely spend more time (like a full day or 2 or 3) to visit the town and the Palace of Versailles more thoroughly. It’s breathtakingly beautiful there, going through pictures preparing for this post makes me sad I am back home. When I packed for my trip to Paris, I wanted to be the same “Parisian chic” that my favorite American fashion magazines protest to be allover the streets in Paris. So, I found my neckscarf, stayed true to the blue, red, and white color palette, bold red lips, and you know, look “Parisian chic”. For those who have been to Paris, surely know, that NO ONE dresses like this… and if they did, they made sure to stay far away from moi, haha! I have to admit, at first I felt kinda silly with my bright bold color palette – everyone wears allover black. But you know, this is Riva, La Diva, and I got over it quickly after my husband informed me that most people seemed to like what I was wearing and looked my way often. Nailed it – hehe, someone bring me back down to earth. Little did they know – I MADE what I was wearing! Whether they liked it or not, I loved it – mostly because I am OBSESSED with these wide leg pants designed by Melissa Watson – you know, my new sewing BBF from the Sew Expo last month in Puyallup.

WAIT. I haven’t haven’t officially blogged too much about that Expo Experience last month… YOU GUYS,

I met Melissa Watson.

AND her amazing momma, Pati Palmer (pattern designer for the top I’m wearing). Melissa asked me to participate in the Sew and Stitchery Style Show with her and Gertie (my other sew expo Bff – who is also a doll) and it was such a fun experience! I made 9 diffrent looks using patterns from the McCall Pattern company and it was simply AMAZING. I loved being there and I loved participating! I have been a HUGE of Melissa and her mom Pati for over a decade – I completely geeked out for sure!

So, when I was deciding on what to make for the show, I tried to make clothing that I could easily wear on my dream trip to Paris, fashion foward, AND still be super functional for the life of a tourist aka, I had pockets in everything! I blogged about this pant earlier this year, but you know when you make a garment the first time, it is more like a tester, trying to see if I like it and

wait, it’s not that way for you? you get it perfect everytime you say? I mean, yeah… me, too.

Actually, the first pant was great and I really liked it, so much so that I needed to make another one 2 weeks later. BUT I really wanted to try the waistband this time around, I should have done that first because I am a sucker for amazing waistbands. This pant not only has the perfect, wide legged cropped pant business but it also has a great waistline option. I dare say, I love it more than the first one and it will soon populate my closet with more versions of this McCall 7445, “option C” pant. You know, until Melissa sends me a text (yep, we occasionally and casually text each other as most bffs do) and asks me stop tagging her on social media about the pant I cannot quit.

Until then, I’ll be plotting my m7445 adventure. Thanks for stopping by and have a glamorous day!

À bientôt!
Riva xo

Versailles | Melissa Watson Cropped Pant  m7445


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