Easy Cluster Necklace Tutorial

Easy Cluster Necklace Tutorial Easy Cluster Necklace Tutorial

While flipping through one of my favorite magazines, I spotted the most amazing cluster necklace.
My first thought, I agree CUTENESS OVERLOAD indeed, ad the second thought, in true Riva La Diva fashion,


So I did and I am showing you how this friday morning! Spring break starts for my kiddos at exactly 2pm and so, I’m pushing this quick and easy tutorial for you this weekend! The only hesitation I had with the original necklace in the magazine is that I am finally coming to terms that I am in my 30s (for those who know me well, I realize this is a little over due…haha), but I have come to terms that maybe a smiley face necklace, stars, and etc, might be little too young for moi. Impossible, right? Yep, I know but that’s the only think I couldn’t relate to and YES those silver glitter ballet flats on on my wishlist – no matter what age! So I wanted to get it a more glam update and I think it worked!

Easy Cluster Necklace Tutorial

Here’s what you need to recreate this easy cluster necklace,

  • a variety of different charms (all found at the jewelry section of Joann Fabrics),
  • a gold chain necklace (also Joann’s) – they even sell one with closures already on,
  • jump rings,
  • and jewelry pliers.

Easy Cluster Necklace Tutorial


  1. Simply attach the jump rings** with your pliers to any charm that does not have a jump ring attached,
    (if the thought of using pliers is TOOO crafty for you, never fear!
    Simply find charms that already have an extra ring attached to it – they are there trust me).
    ** The jump ring help the charms to move more organically.
  2. String the charms onto your necklace.
    Easy Cluster Necklace Tutorial
  3. Put on the necklace knowing you spent pennies on the project compared to the $250 Venessa Arizaga necklace.

I love this necklace and have already had a few compliments on it since I started wearing it! After writing this post and visiting her website, I’ve decided I am NOT too old for smiley’s and stars and other gems I use to wear in the 90s – ha! Gosh, I sounded like such a grandma… Life is too short to feel old, so I’m off to make another one and hope my 11 year old doesn’t steal it from me when it’s done!

Thanks for stopping by and have a glamorous day!


Easy Cluster Necklace Tutorial


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    I love this idea! I’ve never been good at making jewelry, but this looks pretty awesome. And I love the silver glitter flats too! They’re timeless 🙂

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