Summer Lounge Dress Tutorial

Summer Lounge Dress Tutorial Summer Lounge Dress Tutorial Summer Lounge Dress Tutorial Summer Lounge Dress Tutorial Summer Lounge Dress Tutorial

The school year is out for many and while I continue to count down to my summer freedom from strict schedules and endless homework papers, I’m going to introduce to you this easy summer lounge dress tutorial, aka, my new summer wardrobe. So… I have a confession, this was not my first idea for Melly Sews Sundressing 2017. Which by the way is so cool I get to participate, PINCH ME. Melissa from Melly Sews invited yours truly to participate in this year’s summer dressing extravaganza – and DANGI feel like such a cool kid, friends… *so cool*

Summer Lounge Dress Tutorial

Anyways, I had an idea that was a little more structured and the fabric was all purchased and on the schedule and everything changed when I received a message from a good friend. I always receive messages from friends to sew for them to which I reply,

“oh girl, that’s the best idea. I would love to help you sew it!”

YES. I am the one that will not sew for my friends but will help them sew it themselves. Because it’s a little lonely in the sewer world and I am always recruiting new sewing friends – it’s a win for both sides. Anyways, she wanted to recreate a dress she found online, it was light, transparent, and lacy. While I loved the concept of this dress, I had visions of this sweet friend, in her wide brimmed summer hat, red lipstick, and sunglasses that only the diva-est of women can wear (she can totally pull it off and MORE) and I felt that the lace could flatten the look. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE lace and use it often but it’s not always the most flowy-est of textiles. I wanted something that would get caught up in a cool summer breeze and whimsically played with the imagination of the eye… aka. see-thru printed chiffon. So I searched my intense stash of fabrics and found the softest, printed chiffon I had picked a few years previously at Michael Levine’s Loft store. I’m so glad I steered away from my first idea because this one turned out more dreamier than I had imagined!

Summer Lounge Dress Tutorial

So enough rambling, let’s get started started on this summer lounge dress tutorial…


  • 3 – 3.5 yards of printed chiffon – all depends how tall you are and how long you want it – floor length baby for this girl;
  • a loosely fitted shirt – nothing too baggy and nothing too tight;
  • measuring tape;
  • your typical sewing supplies, thread, scissors, sewing machine, you know, the usual.


  1. Put on your ready made blouse and decide where you want the waistline to be; I recommenced measuring from the neckline down. Mine was a little too long but I still love it – I didn’t measure. THE SHAME. Mark with a pin.
  2. Fold your fabric in half, lengthwise, and lay your blouse over the fabric and smooth out the folds as seen below.
    Summer Lounge Dress Tutorial
  3. Cut around the shirt. YUP, I did not make a pattern. My pattern teacher might be frowning right now (sorry, Ms. Pascoe), but in my defense, I wanted to show that sewing can be quite effortless sometimes and this dress is as effortless to wear as it is to sew. As I cut around the blouse, I made sure to cut a few inches away from the actual garment because you want lot’s of ease for movement and you know, there are not any zippers or closures.
  4. Cut out your skirt. Whatever the width of my waistline was on my blouse. I doubled that measurement by 2 and made a HUGE rectangle, cut 2, sew the side seams, gather the skirt, and sew waistline in place. EASY.
    Summer Lounge Dress Tutorial
  5. Finish the neckline (bias tape works), hem sleeves and skirt.

So easy right?! You betcha, and while I did worry that maybe this was more mumu and less chic… I decided to give it a test run and visited our annual town celebration and was stopped frequently from women of ages loving my dress – let’s just say, this summer lounge dress tutorial didn’t disappoint. When you have women, whom you do not know, come up to you to tell you they love your dress, you learn TWO things: (1) I live in the nicest city, (2) you know you have made something magical. It was the best day ever and I want to make one for everyday of the week because let’s be honest friends, mama loves compliments, HA! I think this dress would also make a realy fun coverup for pool parties and beaches days, so I know I will be wearing it a ton this summer.

So there you have it, I hope you enjoyed this post, maybe make one yourself and find more amazing looks over the next few weeks at Melly Sews Sundressing 2017. Make sure to stay up to date on future tutorials by visiting my Instagram + Facebook page because I love fashion tutorials and have this super easy DIY turquoise choker that’m wearing coming at you later this week – no special tools required!!

Thanks babes for visiting and have a glamorous day!


Summer Lounge Dress Tutorial Summer Lounge Dress Tutorial Summer Lounge Dress Tutorial


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  1. 6
    Kim Gibson

    What a great tutorial! I love the dress and you make it easy… I am always looking for ways to take the scariness out of sewing garments for the quilters around me. I think I need to go see about that cotton gauze I have upstairs….

  2. 8
    Dianna Gail Hall

    Love love love it!! Was just looking at a huge piece of lovely chiffon I have today and STILL wondering what to do with it!! Thank you so much! P. S. Been sewing around fifty years and not a sewing buddy, ever! Now, the third generation is becoming interested. Yay! Dianna

  3. 10
    Intan Goyana

    I’m starting learning to sew and loving any maxi-dress. Your tutorial gives me hope hahaha 😀 Am still quite nervous about making a pattern and my sewing is still a mess 🙂 but I know I’ll get there. Thank you from Bali, Indonesia! Definitely going to give this a try.

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