Pom Pom Palm Clutch Tutorial

Pom Pom Palm Clutch Tutorial Pom Pom Palm Clutch Tutorial Pom Pom Palm Clutch Tutorial Pom Pom Palm Clutch Tutorial  Pom Pom Palm Clutch Tutorial

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Oh hey now, how’s it going? Not sure about you lovelies but my life is so nuts right now. It’s awesome, but you know, NUTS! If you don’t know already, I have 4 children AND 3 of them have birthdays this month, totally not planned but that’s my story! Two of those celebrations took place last week and I had a magazine article due for an awesome sewing magazine set to debut next year so my life has been a crazy whirlwind of deadlines and cakes. Lot’s of cake YUM. In an effort to keep things simple, I am going to show you how to recreate this super easy Pom Pom Palm Clutch tutorial. I love pom poms and I love palm anything. I’ve been obsessing about it since last summer! So when I was birthday shopping at Target last week, the most wonderful things happened, the DIY heavens opened and this happy little palm placement was in my view!

It was DIY-love-at-first-sight. I knew what to do with it and now I’m going to show you how to make this awesome pom pom clutch tutorial for yourself!

Pom Pom Palm Clutch Tutorial

Pom Pom Palm Clutch Tutorial


  • Cream Leaf Placemat from Target,
  • Pom Pom Trim, I had some in my stock but you can find some at Joann Fabrics, here.
  • Embroidery Floss for the tassel, get 3, also Joann Fabrics,
  • extra long zipper,
  • Thread, scissors and sewing supplies.


  1. I folded my fabric in half and measured out how much pom pom trim I needed and decided where I would place it. I evenly pinned and sewed the trim in place. Make sure to leave 1″ excess of trim on both sides.
    Pom Pom Palm Clutch Tutorial  
  2. Lay out your zipper, tuck in that 1″ excess of trim inside your bag and pin in place.
    Start sewing a 1/2″ into the end and stop 1/2″ before you reach the end.
    We are leaving the end of the zipper loose from the placemat so that we can tuck the zipper inside, too.
    Pom Pom Palm Clutch Tutorial
  3. Tuck sipper inside the bag and sew one side at a time along the existing stitch line. Sew the zipper end first so you can feed the zipper head through to the opening of your clutch. Don’t trap the zipper head into your new bag by sewing both sides shut. YOU will have to unpick, BOO.
    Pom Pom Palm Clutch Tutorial
    Also, get as close at you can to the existing stitching lines as you sew it in place.
    It will look a lot like this…
    Pom Pom Palm Clutch Tutorial
  4. Make and attach your tassel using the diagram below as your guide..
    • Lay our your thread.
    • Cut (10) 18″ of thread, divide into even groups of three, saving one to the side.
    • Braid and attach to zipper pull. Knot the ends in place.
    • Take the remaining embroidery floss and fold in half over the knot
      (as seen in picture #4 in the diagram below).
    • Take your last 18″ of thread and wrap it around your floss. Knot into place and use a needle to feed the excess thread through your knot.
    • Trim your uneven ends of the tassel! Easy right?
      Pom Pom Palm Clutch Tutorial
  5. Clip all your extra threads from your new clutch. You might want to hand tack the beginning of your zipper into the side of your bag so it stays down and out of the way. But that’s it, crazy easy right?!?

I love this Pom Pom Palm Clutch Tutorial and it’s great for those who are learning to sew or trying to get back into sewing or if you are looking for a quick project or if you want something fun… basically, what I am trying to say, MAKE THIS and thank me later! It’s my new favorite bag and I cannot wait to wear it often… and of course, COMPLIMENTS GALORE!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a glamorous day! Make sure to stay up to date on future tutorials by visiting my Instagram + Facebook page because I love fashion and I love to create!

Ciao babes!
Riva xoxo

Pom Pom Palm Clutch Tutorial

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