My Favorite Culottes with Vogue Pattern v9075

my Favorite Culottes with Vogue Pattern v9075
Hey lovelies,
I’m playing hard this month and enjoying every second with family and friends that I haven’t seen in years! For those who don’t know, I grew up in the Las Vegas area and have lived in the desert and surrounding states my entire life up until 2 summers ago when we moved to the Pacific North West. It been a difficult transition but I’m grateful for the amazing opportunities found in our new are and it makes the time I do see family sweeter. As I have been preparing for my trip back to the desert, I wanted to wear something that would breath well in the heat AND still be pretty cool without sticking to the traditional shirt and jeans vibe. I made this most amazing polkadot jump suit by vogue patterns (vogue 9075) earlier this spring and loved the pants so much that I really wanted have the pants all by themselves. Which was super easy to do because I did was add a waistband and it you are not familiar with the process, I’m gonna walk you through it!
  1. First thing’s first is make your pant pattern. I sewed vogue’s v9075 pants and instead of the long recommended zipper, I used a shorter invisible zipper and added a waist band.
  2. First, I measured my waist and transferred that length to pattern making paper. I like to use 1″ grided wrapping paper, but craft paper works, tissue paper, butcher paper or whatever paper you can use to make your pattern with. Using the ruler, I drew the waist line and added 3″ to the width. I wanted a very narrow band. Don’t forget to add seam allowances to the ends plus 1″ for the use of adding closures to your waistband.
    i.e. If my waist was 30, I added 1 in” extra for closures and 1/2″ for seam allowance which would make the final waistband length 32″ in length by 3″ in width. Additionally, the fabric should be cut on the length wise grain of your fabric because there is less stretch and more stabilization.
    my Favorite Culottes with Vogue Pattern v9075
  3. Fold your waist band in half lengthwise and sew the ends shut – not together to the other end.
    my Favorite Culottes with Vogue Pattern v9075
  4. Turn waistband inside out and sewn into place! There are a TON of ways to add a waistband but this is was a quick fix to what I needed with amount of fabric I had on hand. This particular fabric was found at my local thrift store and I barely had enough fabric to make the pant. I was in full “make it work” mode. Tim Gunn would be proud, ha!
    my Favorite Culottes with Vogue Pattern v9075
Anyways, these linen culottes have been my favorite pant so far! Especially in the triple digit temperatures! Now I am off to the lake, I shouldn’t even be posting right now!
Have a glamorous day,
Riva xo


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