FIVE Ways to Wear Your Summer Wardrobe this Fall, Haute Zahara occasionally receives vendor/ brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

How to wear Summer Hues in the Fall, Haute Zahara How to wear Summer Hues in the Fall, Haute Zahara How to wear Summer Hues in the Fall, Haute Zahara   How to wear Summer Hues in the Fall, Haute Zahara How to wear Summer Hues in the Fall, Haute Zahara

Not ready to get rid of your summer wardrobe? Well, I’m showing you how to wear summer hues this Fall with the help of my friends over at Haute Zahara.

Generally, when we prepare our wardrobes for fall, we usually opt for the rich, warm hues and traditional plaid prints with expectations that it will keep us warm as the seasons change. However, when I spotted colorful summer hues in the latest Balenciaga fall line, I couldn’t help gasped in delight! My longing for summer has yet to cease. Naturally, I was thrilled to play with such a sun color palette this new fall season!

So of course, when I got the email from my friends over the Haute Girls to play with their new line with Free Spirit Fabrics, I was instantly filled with joy! And that’s what this collection looks like: JOY. All because it’s filled with my favorite color combos and floral motifs, flamingos and of course leopard print! Gah! That leopard print kills me because it’s so perfect. If I could get a couple yards of each color I would be a happy girl. You can view the entire Haute Zahara line HERE.

I used a beautiful Leopard and Floral Mix. I used Burda Pattern 7012 (no longer available). If you read my Print Mixing post from last week, this is a great example of working the trend.

BUT the thing I want to touch on is HOW to work this summer look into your wardrobe for all. We’ve seen designers and fashion mags suggest the very two popular:

  1. pair strappy summer dresses with long turtle necks, AND
  2. simply wearing it over a pair of jeans – anyone jump on the dress and denim pant combo?
    It’s not as bad as you think!

But for those looks with sleeves AND not flowy enough for jeans that’s where I like to cue the blazer.

Blazers are a magical thing.

Once reserved for the board room, is now ready for the day wear and social nights. They can effortless create structure and balance to a summer hue and make it more appropriate for fall. I feel like the trick to make thing work is incoporating the use of black, brown or grey very carefully and strategically – whether it be accessories and/or garments. Designers like Mansur Gavriel, Carven, Luisa BeccariaGucciPeter JensenNatasha Zinko, and goah the list can go on! They all used ideas like:

  • Go big or go home. Don’t let it look like a mistake or you forgot what season you are dressing for, make it obvious.
  • Pastels are the new black, dress accordingly.
  • Brown has a way of making everything look normal and “I meant to do that”.
  • You can wear the bright summer skirt and pair it with a turtleneck and tights.
    The opposite applies as well.
  • It’s all in the accessories. As mentioned earlier, shoes, belts, bias detail, shirt yokes, collars, purses, bow ties, gloves, etc.

Hopefully this will help you get inspired to play with bright playful hues! I would hate to quit them anytime soon! Thanks for stopping by and have a glamorous day!


FIVE ways to wear your summer wardrobe this fall

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