Faux Fur Fabulousness with McCalls 7257

Faux Fur Fabulousness with McCalls 7257 Faux Fur Fabulousness with McCalls 7257 Faux Fur Fabulousness with McCalls 7257 Faux Fur Fabulousness with McCalls 7257 Faux Fur Fabulousness with McCalls 7257 Faux Fur Fabulousness with McCalls 7257 Faux Fur Fabulousness with McCalls 7257

ON ME // Faux Fur Coat: Pattern, McCall’s M7257; Faux Fur: I bought mine in-store but looks like this one HERE;
Blouse: H&M; Pants: Mystic Boutique; Leopard Pumps: Sam Edelman/ShopBop, LipColor: Plum Lipsense

I’ve always loved faux fur.

Wait. Let me rephrase that…

I have always loved luxuriously super soft faux fur that’s made so well that people think it’s real and then you surprise them because it’s actually crazy fake.

THAT is what I love and that is what I found the other day last month when I was 2 days away from flying to New York City for the first time… I bought it. Made it. Wore it. AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE.

I cannot speak for the rest of America but the Pacific Northwest has not jumped on the fur coat trend and being the west coast, desert loving girl that I am, I haven’t really seen it on anyone in the western states. I’m not saying those fur coaters do not exist, I’m saying that it is a rarity. Admittedly, I haven’t really worked my love for fur because you stick immediately out in the sea of black wool coats and outdoor wear. Which is so dumb, because your girl, Riva La Diva, loves to stick out – ha!

When I spotted the most yummy faux fur at Joann Fabrics, I said: SIGN ME UP.

I stayed up the night before my flight whipping out the coat in record speed and I’m so glad I did because it was the warmest coat I brought with me! Wearing my fur coat in New York City was amazing because I was not the only one wearing a fur coat. In fact, there were even more amazing fur coats being worn on the streets and I enjoyed every eyeful of textures, colors and cuts that women wore – even some men! Needless to say, I am making more!

AND let’s be honest, fur coats are like your favorite dessert – you cannot walk away with just one bite.

So if you are thinking about making a fur coat. Just do it. Yeah, it’s a little messy – imagine a stuffed animal crime scene. However, when it’s done the satisfaction is irreplaceable! Not only do you look good wearing a fur coat (you will look good) but you feel good. Think of it as wearing your most comfiest house robe and combining it with your favorite faux fur throw. It’s warm and super cozy. The comfort level is that of a sweatshirt.

Afraid you will stick out? Unless you live in New York City, then you most likely will stick out. But it would never be in a bad way, I promise. AND no, you do not need to save it for a special occasion – you pretend it’s a boring black wool coat and wear it accordingly. I also even wear it around the house – I love it so much! I think you will, too.

Thanks again for stopping by! Have you tried the faux fur trend. Would you wear faux fur? Have you sewn with faux fur? Let me know what you are working on and don’t forget to come visit me over on Facebook at Riva La Diva and give me a shout out on Instagram, @RivaLaDiva. I would love to hear from ya!


Yes, you can wear Faux Fur and I'm gonna walk you through it with McCalls 7257


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    Love it! I live in Eugene and you’re right, faux fur coats aren’t around much. Black wool or outdoor hiking gear. I have some faux fur coats (leopard, fake chinchilla) and wear them on occasion. I just wish we had better fabric shops around here, I am not a huge fan of JoAnn!

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      Hey friend!! 🙂 I know what you mean!! I got to Visit Mood Fabrics when I was in New York City last month and that was a dream! I also love to drive to Portland for fabric every 6 months, that’s where all the good stuff is! Pacific Fabrics in Seattle will have some fun things, too. But I hear ya on needing more local shops with selection. Thanks for your comment!! xoxo
      (and of my goodness!! Chinchilla and leopard!!! DREAM COATS)

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