Faux Leather Bow Bracelet, Cricut Maker

Faux Leather Bow Bracelet, Cricut Maker Faux Leather Bow Bracelet, Cricut Maker Faux Leather Bow Bracelet, Cricut Maker

I love bows and I’m showing you how to recreate this easy Faux Leather Bow Bracelet in minutes without breaking the bank and perfect for those last minute ensemble additions!

Quick, easy to make, fashion-foward and affordable tutorials are things I love to share with you. Additionally, I love bows and ways to incorporate them in my life! Today, I’m showing you a fashionably fast tutorial using one of my favorites tool in my office, my new Cricut Maker. If you have not used one yet, go find one, make a friend, because this tool is amazing!

If you are not a crafter, no biggie! If you are afraid of sewing, also no biggie because there is no sewing required for today’s post! All you need is a little faux leather – mine came from my scrap pile (hoarding wins the day) and this link to my Faux Leather Bow Bracelet in Cricut’s Design Space.

To make this this easy Faux Leather Bow Bracelet, you will need the following,




  1. Find your fabric and smoothly lay it on your cutting mat, within the 12 width perimeter and the 15” in length down your mat.
  2. Sign in to your Design Space Account and then visit the link to my Cricut Project, HERE.
  3. Select “Customize” – do not worry, I will explain later.
    If you have not signed up for a Design Space Account with Circuit, I highly recommend it.
  4. Following the machine promptings, double check your mat and set the specific material types. For example, to make the one below, my settings were: Heavy Fabric (denim). I tried using other fabric settings but I liked that the “Heavy Fabric” setting was, for me, more reliable.
  5. Then press cut. It will cut out super fast and before you know it, you can give a test drive. PULL OUT the sample without your entire piece of fabric from your mat. Lay it around your wrist and feed the pointed end through the loop.
    Faux Leather Bow Bracelet
     You should have two tiny slits at the end of your bracelet (as shown below).
    Faux Leather Bow Bracelet

**DOES IT FIT? If not, you may need to resize your project. Go back to the project page and adjust the length of your wristlet by a half inch and try again. Before cutting, slide your wristlet over a few inches on the uncut part of your fabric. Then select “continue” and follow the manufacturing instructions.
Faux Leather Bow Bracelet with the Cricut Maker

The other thing I am really loving is that I can use my Cricut Maker via Bluetooth, from my phone or computer. I finally just discovered how to do. To be honest, I’ve known the option was available but I get lazy and forget, so if you are a slacker like me and want to pair your Cricut to your devices, then check out THIS LINK for bluetooth help.  If you are also afraid it would be super hard to link up, like I was, do not worry. It’s soooooo easy. Like this tutorial!

Alrightly friends, I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. It’s a great project for when you want to dress up a little or wear on your more casual days… Faux Leather Bow Bracelet with the Cricut Maker

I’m thinking I need to keep my eyes open for some fun colors like a red or black. Maybe even a pink! What color would you use for this project and do you think it would make a fun gift idea? I was think about sending them as birthday gifts because they would fit so nicely in a card!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a glamorous day! Let me know what you are working on and don’t forget to come visit me over on Facebook at Riva La Diva and give me a shout out on Instagram, @RivaLaDiva. I would love to hear from ya!


Faux Leather Bow Bracelet with the Cricut Maker



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


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  1. 1
    Sushilla Jadoonanan

    I love how clean and chic your website has been designed. No clutter, and your material is easy to read. Also, love the idea for the bracelet. 🙂

  2. 4
    Nedria Ames

    This is so awesome and easy for beginners crafters. I have been looking for easy crafts to do with some of my friends when we have our girl talk sessions. I am super excited!

  3. 6
    Sally Gillies

    Your designs are beautiful! I’m new to cricut and am so appreciative of artists who share with others. Thank you!

  4. 9
    Nancy J Brokaw

    Did you find out about it charging .99? it wants to charge me as well! And if it is to be paid for, is it each time or just a one time charge?

    • 10

      If there’s a fee, I am receiving zero of the profits. haha! But I have have other people not getting charged, so I do not understand. Sorry! It should be a one time fee..? Hope this helps?

  5. 12
    Jordi Breiner

    Is there anyway to get a svg to be able to cut on my Silhouette? I love this and want to make it but cant figure out how to lol thank you!

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