Bodysuit Bonita // Pattern Review: Street Style Patterns

Note: the pattern used was sponsored by Style street patterns, however, there was no monetary gain or pressure to share with my readers. I’m sharing my own personal ideas because I LOVE this pattern.

Once upon a time, somewhere in the 1990s, the bodysuit trend ruled the land – as far as the eye could see. Unfortunately, for this fair maiden, they were no friend of mine.

Therefore, bodysuits were either too short or too long. The closures were too pokey and panty lines would bunch up, horrendously, in the worst places imaginable. Usually at the worst moments possible. As a result, with each encounter, they ruined memories of happy times and filled them with uncomfortably shaming wedgies that would never be verbally expressed for the fear of being “trend-less”.

Only the unfashionable wore baggy, untucked shirts. They were not cool. In due time, a new and forgettable trend slayed the bodysuit beast. There was rejoicing throughout all the land and no one ever saw this troublesome creature ever again.

No one anticipated it’s return. NO ONE. Including your fair maiden, who as a result, lived happily ever after.

The end.

ha! If only that was the full story! But it’s not the end. The story continues because I just made my first bodysuit ever and I am OBSESSED.

Wait, wut?

like hello, I’ve picked up some skills and learned a few things since childhood! Nowadays, I can sew whatever I want and it will fit great. YEP. Including troublesome bodysuits. So when Style Street Patterns reached out to see if I wanted to try their newest bodysuit pattern, I was all on board and to give this retro trend a try!

And guess what?

I love it!!

Secretly, I have been obsessed with wanting to wear this trend again and now that there are patterns on the market (finally) – I jumped in and took a chance!

Bodysuit Bonita // Pattern Review: Street Style Patterns Bodysuit Bonita // Pattern Review: Street Style Patterns Bodysuit Bonita // Pattern Review: Street Style Patterns Bodysuit Bonita // Pattern Review: Street Style Patterns Bodysuit Bonita // Pattern Review: Street Style Patterns

Pro-Tip: You can adjust those snaps and arrange the placement where ever you want. I adjusted the snap location so it rested above my pubic bone instead of it being in my business.

Additionally, I used such a great pattern! I know this PDF was given to me to try but I really love it! It’s easy to read, easy to sew, easy to understand instructions and clear pictures. The pattern was very easy to follow and sew along! Taping and cutting was a PIECE OF CAKE. Out of all the PDF patterns I have worked with, this is by far my favorite one!

And what’s not to love about this trend? My shirt is ALWAYS TUCKED IN. This is already a dream! I NOW declare that the “Bodysuit Ban” has been lifted and I’m excited to make more in the future!

If ya feel like suiting up with me and decide to give this a try, share it with me on Instagram, @RivaLaDiva and/or give me a shout out on Facebook at Riva La Diva. I would love to hear from you and celebrate with you on your newest creation!

Until then, have a glamorous day, babes!

xo/ Riva



Bodysuit Bonita // Pattern Review: Street Style Patterns


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