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Hello there darlings,

I have such a fabulously fun tutorial for you right now. Why so fabulous you ask? Well duh, because it has a bow in the project.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve developed an obsession with this fascinating detail. I think it all started with a pair of Louis Vuitton bow peep-toe heels that I spotted in a campaign ad forever ago (see here and here) and it completely cemented my love affair with the detail.

AND also it reminds me of presents and I looooove presents, just ask my husband. Sweet fella.

So since I never turn down a reason to dress up and of course, the bow-session thing (see what I did there), isn’t it genius of me to connect those dots and make the idea into one? So smart, right? Of course.

But let’s be clear, it’s not the first tutorial I’ve made with bows as my inspo (see more HERE) and I suspect it’s not my last but hello, how can anyone turn down a bow skirt idea? I can’t and I won’t and so here we are getting this next tutorial started!


  • A pencil skirt pattern of your choice;
  • Fabric + extra fabric for your bow (plus one yard, approx.). I used a imitation dupioni made with polyester and some sort of spandex which gives this textile a little stretch.
  • Sewing supplies
  • Sewing pins


a.)  The skirt. Use whatever pencil skirt that you know and love. I have a trusty pattern that you can currently find: HERE, I use it a lot. But the point is any pencil skirt will work. You can even knock off a skirt you already love at home.

b.)  From there, I will cut all my skirt pieces and then lay out the front skirt pattern.

c.)  With the extra fabric, I will create a little loop for the center of my bow by doing the following:

  1. cutting a 2.5” x 5” rectangle,
  2. folding it in half lengthwise (right sides together),
  3. then sewing the long ends together,
  4. and finally turning the 5” inch tube right side out and ironing in place.

d.)  To create your bow:

  1. Finish the raw edges of your fabric on the crosswise grain;
  2. Then fold the finished edges toward the center crosswise grain;
  3. Guesstimate the location of the lengthwise center of your fabric (as seen below in green);
  4. Attach the bow loop to the fabric with sewing pins securing the loop ends to itself (not the bow fabric, just the loops);
  5. Lay out the fabric you are making for the bow over the skirt;
  6. With the help of sewing of sewing pins, drape the large bow over the skirt front with pins attaching the bow fabric to the seam allowance of the skirt;
  7. NOW is a great time to pin baste your skirt pieces together and checkout the drape of your bow on your skirt while on your body. If you have a dress form, use it.
  8. Finally, trim excess bow fabric to the edge of your seam allowance and hand baste the bow fabric detail to your skirt.

e.)  If you have not attached your belt loop in place, do that now. Trim off loose ends and folding ends inside of the loop and securing in place with a few hand stitches.

f.)  Once your bow and skirt front is in one piece, you can continue to sew the skirt according to pattern instructions.

I absolutely love this skirt and plan to make more in the future because it brings to joy to the simplest of patterns. AND there are so many ways to wear this skirt, dressed up like this or paired with a white tee, sneakers and a black coat. Because let’s face it, bows are always a good idea. True story.

I’ve even been adding them to my ceramics creations in my Riva La Diva Etsy Shop. It’s also not the end of my bow inspired creations! If you decide to give this a try, share it with me on Instagram, @RivaLaDiva and/or give me a shout out on Facebook at Riva La Diva. I would love to hear from you and celebrate with you on your newest creation!

Until then, have a glamorous day my beautiful friends!

xoxo/ Riva

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