DIY Fashion Easy Flounce Tiered Dress Tutorial

Did I ever tell you I visited Palm Springs this year and wearing a flounce tiered dress …or skirt …or anything was on my “must have” list?

Well, I did and the need was great. Because Palm Springs was G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S

The sun was shining.
The weather was warm.
Desert views were on point.
Friends were present.

It was a great trip for moi. I was attending a bloggers conference, ALT Summit, for the first time. It’s a conference about bloggy nerd stuff (and business) that I find somewhat interesting… well, interesting enough to be here with you now. And like, I love sharing this space with you.

So anyways, lot’s of good learning going on, hanging out and meeting new creative friends – I loved every minute!

However, preparing for it was somewhat different because ALT Summit is notorious for being a little fashion focused. That’s right, I had another reason to dress up and you know me, I NEVER pass up on an opportunity to dress up. NEVER. Visiting the mailbox is a great reason and this trip was 100x more exciting!

So yeah… I was sewing my little heart out!

NEED: Flounce Tiered Dress

Enter this fashionably flawless flouncy tiered dress (and me in Palm Springs!).

Oh yeeeeeah, I was hopped up on all that vitamin D coming from all that sunshine in the sky…

like I said, glorious.

And now we are finally here talking about this dress – the BEST part!!

This flounce tiered dress hits so many trends that I love right now:

  • oranges and yellows
  • Layered with a basic tee
  • something different
  • and the obvious, flounces

Flounces are hot right now – if my pattern making friends from the “big 4” are reading this, I have a message:
give me a dress with flounces and I will give you more dresses… you’ll thank me for it, too.

There’s nothing really out there, so I’ve had to alter a few patterns, here and there, to make it work

AND, of course, I’m gonna share because sharing is caring and you need to make this dress, too!


Easy Flounce Tiered Dress Tutorial

First things first, promise you will find a beautiful print; pretty please. Something fun and playful. Johanna Ortiz has been pretty good about delivery such gorgeous tiered looks!

So obviously, we need to jump on this trend. ASAP. And don’t worry, it’s gonna be painless.



  1. Sew pattern upper dress bodice according to dress pattern directions – there’s no reinventing that wheel because it’s already fabulous by itself.The Skirt 
  2.  You ready for this?Start working with the New Look pattern [Skirt A] but steal the flounce from [Skirt B].
    Copy Skirt A onto pattern-making paper.Create new seamlines – this is where we will add the flounce. Make sure to include seam allowances in your new seamlines or your skirt will get over 2″ shorter in length.
  3. Take the flounces from Skirt B and and insert them into the newly drafted seamlines. Pretty easy, right?

From there, it’s all about throwing a zipper in the back and fitting the center-back line to your body.

This easy flounce tiered dress was so much fun to create for my trip annnnd I had even MORE fun wearing it because it’s not a style you see everyday. You need to own one, too!

Annnnnnnnnnnd, if you are looking for some more flounce ideas give one of these looks a try!

Go give one of these trends a try and leave a comment below, share it with me on Instagram, @RivaLaDiva and/or give me a shout out on Facebook at Riva La Diva.

I would love to hear from you and celebrate with you on your newest creation!

Until then, have a glamorous day and enjoy the spring season!

xo/ Riva

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    Diane G

    Riva this is such a fun dress and I love how you styled it with the tee and chunky sandals! Love that Simplicity pattern and I’m itching to make something with it. 🙂

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