Summer Daisy Gold Earrings and Tutorial

It’s summer time and you know what that means: hair up, sunglasses in place and statement earrings on full display! Summer is my favorite time of the year and it’s typically the perfect time to experiment with fun bold trends.

When I was in Palm Springs earlier this year there was one fashion trend that reigned supreme – the statement earring. In previous years, it was the jean jacket and then the leather jacket and then 2 tiny little accessories kicked those cover-ups to the curb!

Everyone was wearing something on their ears. And I’m not talking about a simple stud or something completely over the top (however, I must admit those are my favorites). I’m talking about earrings that brought so much interest that it would spark up conversation to the stranger sitting next to you and instantly, you became friends!

The statement earring is the most easiest of accessories to experiment with and the most forgiving because if you change your mind you can take them off – no problemo!!

If you haven’t jumped on the earring bandwagon, there’s still time.

And if you’re in the Seattle area then you know it’s daisy season right now.

What’s daisy season?

Ohhhhhh, ya know… just beautiful daisies popping up as weeds in deserted fields and random street corners. It’s amazing. It’s honestly my favorite time of year as this happy bloom ushers in warm and sunnier days!

As Kathleen Kelly would say:
Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?

I do. So much so that I cannot help but be inspired by this joyful flower!

**Special update: there’s a video!

Each year, I like to try to celebrate daisy season with daisy inspired looks, one year I make the BEST Anthro-Inspired daisy necklace, my first year here I made the some cool floral lace earrings and this year, I thought I would up my game and bring you two of my favorite must haves! One you can make, one you can buy and another you can mix!

The whole daisy earrings tutorial idea came from this cool floral earring and cuff combo (seen below).
I love the soft and edginess of this look.

The cuff is also fabulous by itself but it also makes the perfect companion to every other earring!
It has this hard and soft combo that got me thinking about these daisy drop earrings (here).
They would look cool together and you know what?

I DIY’d a pair for myself and I’m loooving this playful and edgy combo together – check it out below!

Fun right? oh yeahhhhhh

and guess what? Creating your own daisy earrings to go with this ear cuff is much easier than you think!

DIY Summer Daisy Earrings Tutorial

You will need the following:

Fimo Clay Daisy Earring Directions:

  1. Roll out enough clay to make your daisy flowers and flower centers.
    I like to roll on top of parchment paper so it doesn’t stick too much to a permanent surface (seen below).
    DIY Daisy Flower Earring DIY Daisy Flower Earring
  2. Push clay from cutters and shape the flower petals with finger tips so they look delicate like a petal.
    Round out the yellow daisy center, too!
    DIY Flower Daisy Earrings making petals with Fimo Clay
  3. Place headpin in the center of your daisy and put yellow center on top.
    DIY Flower Daisy Earrings making petals with Fimo Clay
  4. Firmly press daisy center in place.
    DIY Flower Daisy Earrings making petals with Fimo Clay
  5. Using the tip of a toothpick or pen tool, press into the yellow center to give texture to the daisy.
    This is a great time to bake the clay according to package instructions.
    If you are working on parchment paper, you can easily put your flower in the oven with the parchment paper.
    DIY Flower Daisy Earrings making petals with Fimo Clay
  6. Once the clay has cooled down from the oven,
    bend the top edge of your pin to the side using the bent nose pliers.
    DIY Flower Daisy Earrings making petals with Fimo Clay
  7. With the round nose pliers, press the end of your pin and wrap it around the nose of the pliers.
    DIY Daisy Flower Earring making petals with Fimo Clay
    DIY Daisy Flower Earring making petals with Fimo Clay
    It should look a lot like this when you are done (see below).
    DIY Daisy Flower Earring making petals with Fimo Clay
  8. Almost done! Open the fish hook hoop and attack your new earring in place.
    DIY Daisy Flower Earring making petals with Fimo Clay
  9. Once the earring is on the hoop, close the hoop hook and you’re done!!

So easy right? YES. I love to wear the gold band and clay earrings often, they’re one of my favorite combos!

What kind of statement earrings do you gravitate towards? Loud and fun or cool and sophisticated?
I think we can find multiple ways to wear both! How would you wear them?

Go give one of these trends a try and leave a comment below, share it with me on Instagram, @RivaLaDiva and/or give me a shout out on Facebook at Riva La Diva.

I would love to hear from you!

Until then, have a glamorous day and enjoy the spring season!


*This blog post is in collaboration with Nakturnal!


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  1. 6

    Those earrings you made are adorable!! I love them and inspired to make them. I also love those earrings from AUrate. I love that you can wear them as studs but if you want to add some flare then you can add the bottom part. LOVE!

  2. 7

    About how long did you leave them in the oven for? I have done some other projects in the polymer clay and fudge it up because I thought I was following the baking time :/ Thanks!!

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