New Jeans, a Waist Trainer, & Dresses – Oh My!

Have you ever wiped out your closet, invested in shapewear and a waist trainer, and splurged on a new denim collection? I have.

Yep, you read that right! I got rid of everything in my closet.

Well, like almost everything because I only believe in public nudity in the comfort of my bedroom and maybe one day on a remote beach in some distant land — never say never. *wink*wink*

One might guess: I get it Riva, a new decade means a “new me”, right?

Oh my gosh no, I’m gonna need another change in the future one day and I don’t wanna wait another 10 years until I can do it. So why the closet emptiness?

Here’s the thing, my short hair has a mind if it’s own and it doesn’t want to use the old clothes “long-haired Riva” used to wear — my hair has it’s own little alter ego.

But truly, my new short hair has been such a big change. There’s like this new person in the mirror that I do not identify with — it’s so weird! And I totally get that I sound somewhat over dramatic, but you know meeeeee, OF COURSE it’s overdramtic, daaaaaawling …. ha!

So yeah, empty closet.

Well technically, not completely empty. Like hello, I have to wear something. So I’m left with a handful of long sleeve shirts (it’s cold here right now), new undergarments (it’s changed the way I feel about getting dressed), only a few dresses, some long blazers, and brand new denim (all brand new).

The thing is, I liked the clothing I had before but I didn’t love them. And if you don’t love something and it’s doesn’t bring you joy, why keep it? Why wear it? Why buy it in the first place? My old wardrobe did not feel cohesive with my “new look” and to be honest it didn’t fit well anymore.

So I cleared it out, shared my journey on Instagram and there’s been a few questions over what’s left and WHY and i want to discuss the 5 sections in my current wardrobe.


We have to start with this first because it’s the most important and most overlooked category. Most women wear the wrong bra sizes, ESPECIALLY after having children. When I used to design custom wedding gowns, the first thing I made every bride do was get fitted for a new bra. It’s a game changer! If you are not wearing a properly fitted bra, go get that situation situated.

But what if you know your bra size already? how can you tell if it still fits? Here’s how: if your bra is already in the tightest hook and eye closure and it STILL feels loose — you need a new bra. Think of it as a running shoe, over time the soles are gonna wear out and you’ll need to replace them. Same for bras.

Like a well fitted bra for support and lift, shape wear and a waist trainer does the same thing except for your body. I wear a push-up bra because I’ve had 4 kids — I need the support. And with that same idea: I’ve had four kids and sometimes I need support in other areas, too! That’s wear shapewear and the waist trainer come into play.

I’ve been wearing an amazing waist trainer and brilliant shapewear from Kim Kardashian West’s SKIMS line and I love it. They smooth out all the lumps and bumps and lifts areas of my body that  I didn’t know were possible! They also play a big part with maintaining good posture, remind me to keep my core engaged and it makes me slow down when I eat (I eat as though my food is gonna run away, true story)! I’ve been a fan of Kim Kardashian West and she’s a little older than me and always looks fabulous. I’ve tried a few other products from SKIMS and I love it. Like, LOOOOOVE it. 

decluttering closet, new denim and waist trainer

What you don’t see in the video above is how comfortable I feel wearing them that I can tuck in my shirt and raise my arms and not worrying about anything slipping out!


Like I said it’s winter over here and everything is long-sleeved at the moment. When deciding what would stay in this category, I felt like I wanted to have the basics. Basics/neutrals go with everything — a white tee, a black tee, black and white stripe tee, a red long sleeve (because I think I look fabulous in red), a green tee (for the same reason) and snake skin (it’s having a moment and I’m all for it). I do have a couple sweaters BUT only the ones I love.


First: I kept ZERO skirts. This is weird for me because before I started blogging, that was all I had. It was hard to give these looks away because I invested so much time making them and finding them in stores but I also knew I would never where them again with my new hair cut. It didn’t go with my look. I also think I’m gonna keep the short hair for a little while longer! So sticking to my rule, if I don’t love it – toss it out. Right now, I’m left with 2 basic dresses I got from the store and 2 fun dress that I made from last year (from here and here).


I feel like they need to have their category because (1) they are enjoying their 15 minutes of fame right now and (2) the total count is three. I didn’t even realized I had three until I emptied out my wardrobe! Another reason for emptying out the place.


This was major. My body has been changing lately. I cannot describe it and I don’t know how to explain it but my pants have been fitting weird. OR maybe it never fit great and I was too blinded by the affordable to care.  Like fashionable discount stores, which I’m obsessed with but the selection is sometimes small.

Call me crazy and maybe it’s the same for you, but poor fitted clothing, especially jeans, start to talk to me, Mean Girls style… conversations like:

“if only you were small enough”,
“nice try losing a few more pounds and try again”,
“that waist is too big”,
“your waist is too weirdly small in the wrong place”,
“are your legs long enough”, or
“those legs are too long”.

So all of them had to leave, which meant I got rid of 90% of my denim collection. So I went to American Eagle (which I never do) but they’re mostly dedicated to denim, and bought every pair that fit nicely. Their high-waisted denim is on point and the zipper is long enough to visually lengthen the abdomen. Note: if you pay attention, most luxury brands have longer zippers on their denim jeans – American Eagle did not disappoint! And remember, I only bought the ones I loved, that fit the way I wanted and gave me joy.

Currently, my closet is limited in regards to options, it’s unlimited to future possibilities!!! It’s amazing and liberating and scary all at the same time. The next year will be fun to fill it back up! I’m so excited!!

So have you ever done this before? What did you learn about your self or what you collected over the years? Are you a dresser/shopper that prefers quality? Or do you find joy with obtaining the quantity? What about undergarments? Have you ever invested in a proper bra, shape-wear or a waist trainer? Did you notice a difference?

You can watch my whole closet story on YouTube in the video below or find my latest adventures on instagram.

The next question is – what are we gonna add to it first?

Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not represent the opinions of any entity whatsoever with which I have been, am now, or will be affiliated.

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    Berenice Wolpin

    Your hair looks FANTASTIC! I’m chopping mine today, and seeing the transformation from what you wake up looking like (a bit exaggerated, perhaps?) to what it looks like gives me hope. Because I know that as soon as I wash it, it will never look the way the stylist does it. Also just cleared my closet: what’s the point of keeping clothes that don’t flatter or feel comfortable? All those colors that make me look less than vibrant – GONE! Of course, it WILL take a while to rebuild, but -that’s ok. I think of it as French style: far fewer pieces, all quality, all flattering to me.

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