Summer Dress Party – For One


Hands up if you are tired of sweats and ready for a summer dress or two!? I always dress the way I feel and so while it feels safe and cozy at first, it’s starting to feel overused and dare I say, depressing. Obviously, I ran to my fabric stash and quickly spun up a really fun look inspired by the warmer, sunny weather Seattle was experiencing earlier this month. Bless you PNW.

It’s amazing how emotions change when you change things up a little – if you like moving furniture around in a room, then you know what I’m talking about). This is an easy look to recreate with the use of an oversized summer cover up, dress (I used McCalls 3705) or diy caftan, a pencil skirt and a nude top that gives the look a lot more curious interest. Wear it over jeans or opt for a swim suit if you want to play it safe at a pool party.

You can also find something similar below:

With this quarantine, I’ve been trying hard to use what I have first before I start spending… I’m not sure how much longer that idea will last because there’s so many beautiful finds out there!!! The fabric is a find from a sale last year at Joann Fabrics so I have no links but I just started filling up some carts over at Minerva Crafts and Mood Fabrics. I like the option on seeing how the fabric moves and I really appreciate the variety!

So let me know what you think of this look and come visit my on Instagram, @RivaLaDiva and/or Facebook at Riva La Diva! It a great way of staying up to date and sneak peek of my newest adventures!

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    How fun! I love the pink flamingos. Yup it is better to play dress up with nowhere to go, really lifts your mood. I am an avid quilter but since this shelter in place started I have been sewing up clothes like a woman possessed you can see some of my makes if you visit me at and I am still making more. I guess my love of fashion and inability to go out is inspiring me to make stuff with nowhere to wear.

  2. 2

    Are those flamingos? Totally need to wear that to Palm Springs!
    I wear a tiara on the days I need something new. I don’t think my son or my husband notice. Sure is hard to be in a bad mood while wearing a tiara. 😜

    • 3

      I 100% agree with you Gayle!! Especially right now in the middle of December surviving the winter months in the Pacific Northwest! LOL 😉 I miss dessert weather!! xoxo

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