Gift Ideas // Christmas Edition

Dedicated to my husband Seth who is always asking and begging for a list…

I’m so horrible when it comes to choosing Christmas gift ideas for myself – or any gift for that matter!! It’s annoying.

Hello, my name is Riva, and I am a train wreck when it comes to voicing things I want.

And don’t get me wrong, I know what I want.

But I also belong in a community that frowns on women enjoying the act of receiving gifts and prides the woman that constantly gives herself to others – to the point of non-existence. 

Sure fine, presents are not the most important thing, but when did the age limit start to stop asking (and receiving) become this societal pride that I have hated adhering to during my adult life?

I swear, you become a mother and everyone expects you to have it all together, give all your time and want nothing.

Is it even fair to give so much so that there’s nothing left? The guilt is stifling and I’m over it.

At the request of my husband, and the weeks that followed to find a moment, I am writing this now – 10 days before which is kind of a jerk move but I promise that if it is wrapped and I open it after Christmas – it will be just as exciting, if not more… alright… here we go…

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Me (and someone you know)

(things I want, that I don’t need, but would I would never return if they find their way into my hands)

  1. A bottle of red Chanel nail polish. It’s a bit more than what I typically spend on nail polish but when I visited Paris for the first time, I walked into the Coco Chanel boutique and bought 2 things, nail polish was one of the items. Every time I put it on it made me feel so special and my trip to France, I cannot wait to go back again after this pandemic. I choose a classic red that I could wear year-round, unfortunately, they no longer sell the color I originally purchased (Rouge Red), however, Rouge Puissant is quite similar.gifting –> If you are looking for another great color brand, CND Vinyluxe is another great brand that I love to use – their top coat does not play and works well over every nail color.
  2. Perfume. The second thing I bought was a bottle of perfume when I was in Paris but I’m not asking for the same bottle – I just love perfume! I usually buy a bottle wherever I travel so I can remember my adventures when I get back home. It’s the very reason why I always keep a bottle by Escape by Calvin Klein – I used to by the knock-off when I was a kid – it feels super special to have the real thing as an adult.The perfume on my wish list this year is Gucci Bloom Profumo Di Fiori. I normally buy a refill scent of wherever I’ve travel but I’ve been feeling a little gucci this year…also… i want to add a small sample bottle of Chanel No. 5. It’s turning 100 soon and if it’s good enough for Marilyn Monroe then I need to give this a try in real life.

    gifting –> I love perfume sample sets, i used to get them when i was younger and it was a great way to try new scents.


  3. Rose Pink Colored Glasses. I love drinking out of fancy cups… water, something bubbly, milk, you name it! I own a few of these gorgeous rose pink vintage style goblets – they are divine. There’s an instant lift in your mood with every sip. I was actually gifted some of these the last time I visited family back home and a few broke on the plane ride home. I would love to finally replace those and have a little extra for entertaining!fun fact: Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP is a big fan of them, too!
  4. Designer Goods. This is where the shame sets in a little and makes me feel soooo uncomfortable, but let’s say it together: Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Christian Dior. Most of these bags brand new will cost more than my first car, a gently used Chanel bag will still cost more than my first car. But I still want one, haha, there I said it.I did create an account on The RealReal and gave my husband the password. There I can heart whatever I want and he can buy whatever he wants or doesn’t want. Zero pressure and not too much guilt for me. I love thrifting so this is a no brainer for me, but there are also some styles I am on the search for… and they remind me of the places I saw them (aka my trip to London). So again, if you haven’t guessed it, I love anything that’s sentimental and have hearted those items. I also love Dolce & Gabbana’s devotion heart everything – the purse, belt, jewelry, if you can find it, send it to me. (I feel like that heart list alone on my account doubles the wish asking).gifting –> Nasty Gal has been a fun way to try similar trends without the high price tag.
  5. Jewelry. Oh my gosh… I’m such a girl, this list is so awesome and super girly, haha! My husband got me pearls for my birthday last month, it was amazing and so incredibly thoughtful. I love them so much. I now open the gates to all jewelry. I am more of a cocktail jewelry wearing kind of girl and embrace all the sparkle but the pearls caught me so off-guard and I have so much affection towards them – I am obsessed.gifting –> I also received a monogram necklace recently for my birthday last month, I don’t think you can go wrong with one of those!
  6. Shoes. I’ve been loving Jeffrey Campbell shoes lately, especially, when he puts a bow on them. The Valenti-J is an incredible D’orsay pump with embellished bow and heel. This style also comes in a croc and velvet finish. I love almost everything on that site, they are so fun!!gifting –> It gets a little weird buying someone a cool pair of shoes, but not slippers. I would wear almost any one of these slippers at Anthropolie, especially the extra fancy ones.
  7. Art. There’s an artist I started buying work from over the summer that I absolutely adore. I have 3 of her paintings already and I love all the florals she paints! There’s a painting called “Peonies Vase” and another named “Two Simple Peonies” that I have been crushing on for awhile now.I also started buying fruit from another artist, Annie Morgan Preece.
    I am lover of any fruit that talks about fashion – I”m really excited to have this in my home.
    There’s a pear I’ve had my eye on for a while…Valerie Boyes is another artist I have been following since I lived in Los Angeles,
    she paints the most incredible beach scenes.

    I love gospel inspired work by Minerva Teichert, I have this painting of the Savior already.
    I also love Rescue of the Lost Lamb, Queen Esther and my other favorite, LOOK TO YOUR CHILDREN.

  8. Cookie Jar. I love this Johnathan Adler “Vice Calories Canister“. Oh my gosh, it’s so chic in design and highly appropriate to place in my kitchen.gifting –> I received chocolates earlier this year, popcorn and some pretty amazing tea.
    All of these gift sets were so much fun to enjoy!
  9. Bedding. I would love new bedding and also new bedroom furniture – the works! We still look like college students on our bedroom furniture, I’m ready for an update like Jewel Marlowe’s room.gifting –> It’s impresonal to give someone bedding, but a fun fuzzy throw or knitted blanket – sign me up!
  10. Notebook. I love this notebook and I love even more that you can customize what you want it to say on the top. It’s very cool and I am a sucker for a book to write notes in.

So please allow me to start over…

My name is Riva and I like opening presents at Christmas – or in this case, the days following Christmas.

So tell me, where do you fall in the Xmas gift asking situation?
Do you have a secret list?
Do you share it with everyone?
Or maybe you are more civilized than myself and are truly happier without presents. Which, by the way, is awesome if you are – no judgement by me! I just know that I am not, and admitting it here in my little safe corner of the internet.

You know I love you visiting my blog, please come visit me on Instagram, @RivaLaDiva and/or on Facebook at Riva La Diva! It’s a great way of staying up to date and get sneak peeks of my newest adventures!

mucho besos my darlings,

Riva xo

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