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Make Me Up

Hello my Gorgeous Friends,

I’m so glad you are here – TRUE STORY. You’re here because are curious and you want to know more about one of my favorite makeup brands and that’s so exciting!!

I love color. I’m obsessed with change. Expressing myself through make-up is therapeutic. But I also have a real life to live. I’m not a young, single, model blogger with perfect skin with all the free time in the world; I have a demanding life, a ton of kids and a marriage that needs constant attention.

My make-up should not take up one of those areas.

And don’t get me wrong. I love wearing makeup. I respect and love inner beauty BUT I also have a lot of fun with outer beauty – it’s a creative outlet I get to enjoy on the daily. Even if it’s a quick 5 minutes!

So what am I using?

There’s a makeup brand called Senegence that I love so much and it’s popular for it’s long lasing lipstick color, LipsSense. It’s amazing and has been a huge game changer. It’s really helped me embrace the beauty industry more and have fun discovery with expressing myself.

Where Can I Find SeneCosmetics?

I cannot imagine wearing anything else so much so that I became a distributor!

You can find me on on Facebook  or search “Riva La Diva Lips” in your app. Its a great to learn about the product but also stay a little anonymous. You can totally find a vendor near you because I do this for fun so there is no pressure to buy. ZERO. It’s not my style, I’m just here sharing what I love and I also have a team you can work with help you – you decide!

If you do want to know more, I actually have a more private community, CLICK HERE (on facebook),

Once accepted, I get more personal with you all, share latest product info, remind you that you’re awesome and share my newest tutorials! I answer all comments and questions and how to order stuff over there and “where do I start?” and “which color should I try?” questions. With zero pressure and zero guilt. I love questions and comments.

Above all…

There’s no age limit or life style you must have” when it comes to wear makeup. If it makes you happy, wear it because you get one life, it’s short and you gotta live it!

Cheers to love, again and living glamorously,

Riva xo


What is LipSense?

How to Apply?