Trending Fashion: DIY The Denim Cropped Top

So denim is all over the place and when I spotted Glamour’s post on Instagram about the most delicious frayed denim top by 3X1,

I really needed to make my own.

Because, hellllloooo…..

The boxiness of the top, cropped length, denim fabric, and frayed edges are all on trend!

The top is perfection. A fashion staple power house.

Naturally, I made a similar garment.
You saw me wearing it earlier this week for my DIY Michael’s Kors Skirt.
Trending Fashion: DIY The Denim Cropped Top
Now, as much as much as I love the fray of the original 3×1 top,
I needed the fray to be a little more subtle for my Michael Kors Inspired Skirt.

Notice the difference in the frayed hems?
Trending Fashion: DIY The Denim Cropped Top

Get what I mean?

Anyways, it got such a HUGE response from my readers that I am posting this DIY up sooner that planned!
You dolls inspire me! 

Trending Fashion: DIY The Denim Cropped Top


So let’s get started,

  • The pattern is what makes this look. Simplicity’s 1366 top “d” is what you will be making.
    No Darts. No zippers. No hemming!
  • But remember do this:
    • Instead of hemming with a sewing machine, you will cut out your hem with a pair of scissors.
    • Fray your hems. There’s a great YouTube tutorial here: How To Fray Denim.
    • Other great tips:
      • Throwing them in the washer.
      • Use pinking shears to cut the hem to give a more uneven hem, and washing them some more.

Simple enough, right? You betcha!

Go! Make! And look fabulous working one of this season’s hottest trends.


Trending Fashion: DIY The Denim Cropped Top Trending Fashion: DIY The Denim Cropped Top Trending Fashion: DIY The Denim Cropped Top


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  1. 1

    Thanks for posting the info, I’m in the process of making the lace skirt, denim top is next. I have to ask who makes the adorable brown sandals you have on in the pics?

  2. 6

    Hi Riva! Just recently discovered your blog and adore it! I am in the process of making the pencil skirt in bold check to wear with my leopard blouses! It’s funny but I purchased Simplicity 1366 with a lightweight tencel denim in mind for version D and u beat me to it!!!! May I ask what size you cut for yourself?? I am a size 2 in Michael KORS RTW and my bust measures 34″. Your thoughts on what size to cut??
    Please keep on inspiring us all with your wonderful DIY’s!

    • 7

      Karen, your comment made my week! Wow, thank you!! xoxo
      Additionally, that’s a great question! With the top being boxy in shape it may feel a little too roomy, as we are use to wearing everything so overly fitted.
      So, I recommend following the manufacturers fit guide and then, you can always take it in if it’s too big.
      Hope that’s helpful! Thanks again! 🙂

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