Ultimate Blanket Scarf Tutorial

So, I’ve mentioned it on my social channels but I’m not sure if I have shared it “officially” on my blog yet,

it’s exciting news for moi because I get to team up with an amazing group of talented woman over at Real Housemoms.

The site is filled with the yummiest meals to feed you (btw, I constantly drool when I visit) and yours truly has a spot to dress you!

Here’s a preview to one of my latest tutorials for the Aubrey Cota’s “Real Housemoms” girl squadUltimate Blanket Scarf Tutorial.

The project, like most of what I do here, is a SNAP to recreate!

And if you looooved last year’s effortless Blanketscarf tutorial and then you are gonna LOVE this, too!!

Ultimate Blanket Scarf Tutorial

All you need are a few simple things,

  • blanket,
  • scissors,
  • and sewing machine (or needle and thread).

Then head on over to Real Housemoms because this tutorial is super easy and can be completed in less than 4 steps and under 10 minutes.

I love it and use it often; it’s definitely keeping this wimpy, heat loving desert girl warm in the chilly pacific northwest temps!

Full tutorial, HERE.


Ultimate Blanket Scarf Tutorial
Ultimate Blanket Scarf Tutorial

Spreading the word one link up party at a time, you can visit the full list: HERE.


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