DIY Blanket Scarf Tutorial // easiest craft ever!

It’s blanket scarf season and I have the best DIY tutorial for you!!

They are awesome! Warm, cozy, chic, and comfy, what’s not to love?

The price.

Stores and shops are making bank off these goodies…

Did I mention they are also HUGE on the the fall runways for 2014 as seen here?

And with all the children I own, scarf money did not make the budget so I have a quick tutorial for you and a friend!

Cause caring means sharing.
It could also make a RAD future gift idea for your favorite friend, sister, mother, even boy toy…

and I don’t even mean “girl quick” which actually means a lot more time, but this is seriously made in 15 minutes or less!

The best part?

No sewing, no glue, just fabric AND scissors. 

DIY Blanket Scarf tutorial

DIY Blanket Scarf tutorial

Here’s what you need:

  • 1.5 – 3 yards (I used THREE for this, see update at end of post for more scarf options) of your favorite flannel plaid/tartan
    (Joann Fabrics Has a great selection HERE).
  • and scissors.

What to do:

  1. Cut fabric along the center of your 3 yards. So if you got 3 yards of a 44/60″ width fabric, cut down the center of your three yards following a line in your plaid; so that afterwards you would have two 22/30″ x 108″ scarves.

    Find the halfway mark and CUT ON THAT LINE.
  2. Following the pattern of your plaid, conservatively trim the entire edge of your scarf – take very little off but still keeping the lines of the pattern even and clean.
  3. Pull off treads along the edges of your scarf so it frays like the picture below.

    It should look like this, see those frayed raw edges??

    ALL sides will have those gorgeous frayed raw edges. GORGEOUS, right?
  4. Then wear it out the door! CRAZY EASY, right?!?
    DIY Blanket Scarf Tutorial   img_9838.jpg   img_9839.jpg

Alright my lovelies, make those scarfs and work those inner fashion runways this fall.
Shower your friends with one of the BIGGEST trends on the runway this fall, you don’t even have to tell her you made it…


Until we meet again, have GLAMOROUS day!



The original post called for 3 yards. After playing around with many different sizes, 1.5 – 3 yards works fabulous!
If you go 2.5 yards or shorter, you don’t even have to cut the fabric in half and the shorter but wider lengths gives you a more bulkier yet glam look!
Let me show you some examples,
The Long Rectangle scarf (think trendy Zara scarf) can be worn like this:
DIY Blanket Scarf Tutorial

A 55 x 55 inch scarf can be tied like this:
DIY Blanket Scarf Tutorial

I personally LOVE just a clean cut of 2 yard flannel, no dividing/cutting in half.
I love the bulk of the extra fabric because it keeps me warm – it’s seriously the BEST.
Check it out below: 
DIY Blanket Scarf Tutorial
and watch the Instagram video of how I tie it HERE.
You know what?
When I’m not wearing it, I actually use it as a throw in my living room. haha!

Thanks again, so happy this has been such a popular post!
You ALL are fantastic, I appreciate the support!
12/2014  Riva xoxo


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DIY Blanket Scarf Tutorial


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  1. 5

    I love this DIY – your scarf looks so comfy! I did a similar tutorial last year, when I refused to spend $40 on one of these at Express. However, your tutorial is way easier than mine. I’m going to have to try it out again because I can never have enough huge scarves! Thanks!
    jyoti @

    • 6

      Hey girl, you just made my day! xoxo Thank you! And I know, right?!? If people ought to know how easy and inexpensive they are – whether you are crafty or not, these can be made in a flash! Thanks for your comment! 🙂

    • 16

      Marta, thanks for the compliment! You can totally get this done and if you run into any problems, contact me via twitter, facebook, instagram – I would LOVE to help! xoxo

  2. 19
    Brandy @ BD Design Blog

    Thank you so much for linking up this ADORABLE scarf! I love everything about it! I want all my facebook readers to see it too so I will be sharing it in just a few minutes! Hope to see many more of your projects in the future!! xoxo Brandy

    • 38

      Make it, you will LOVE it, and it will be your newest craft obsession. lol 😉 Thanks for the love, you just made my Monday morning, Elena, thank you!! xoxo

    • 47

      Thank you so much for the love today Stephanie!! You are too kind and made my day!! I am so excited for you to try this! Please let me know how it turns out!! I love mine and have four ALREADY!! The sad part? It’s not even cold in LA yet… xoxo

  3. 48
    Liyana Aris

    If only I live in a cooler country… I’d probably have this blanket scarf on already while typing this comment! Malaysia is hot-and-humid summer all-year round so I constantly wish I could go back to Europe and layer and wear cosy blanket scarves like this.

  4. 52

    Hey! Love this idea. Just to clarify, is cutting it along the half line supposed to create two scarves (i.e. do you cut it all the way, until it forms two separate pieces of fabric?)

  5. 56

    I know you said you found the fabric at Jo-ann Fabric, but all of the ones I found online are only 44″ wide. Where did you find the 60″ wide fabric? I can’t wait to try this, thanks for sharing!!

    • 57

      Lisa, I am so sorry for the confusion! You are right, it’s 44″ wide.
      I will fix that typo on my blog right away!
      Thank you for pointing that out, I am sorry for the mix up!
      I really appreciate you visiting Riva La and reading and giving this tutorial a try!
      It’s one of my favorites!
      Thanks again!! xoxo

  6. 63

    I bought fabric today Bc Joann’s had their flannel 70% off!! I got 2yards but when I tie it it seems to not be quote long enough should I cut it down the middle as directed for 3yds?

    • 64

      Great question, Tiffany! The famous Zara plaid scarf is close to those dimensions, 72″ x 24″ inches (cutting down the middle would be great), they also sell a 55″ x 55″ inch scarf, Urban Outfitters has a 100″ x 15″ inch scarf. Scarves come in whatever size and length; if there is a size you like better, measure and cut to that length. 🙂 Hope this is helpful! 🙂 xoxox

  7. 65

    Great idea! I’ve been looking for a no-sew diy scarf – so thank you!! Couple questions: 1. Did you do plaid because of the straight lines? So other patterns don’t really work? 2. Does the fraying stop when you stop pulling or did you do something to stop it from pulling/fraying? 3. Can this also be done for a blanket? Thanks!!

    • 66

      All of these are awesome questions, thank you for asking! 🙂
      1. I did plaid because plaid blanket scarfs are what’s “IN” right now. 🙂
      2. Yes, the fraying will slow down if not stop all together once you have a 3/8″ – 1/2″ inch frayed edge.
      3. Yes! 🙂 Isn’t that so cool? I do that with some of my bulkier blanket scarves and use them as throws. 😉

  8. 69
    Hazel An.

    Hey! I think this a great idea! They are also in-style this season. How did you ask for a 3 yard measurement fabric? And how much was it all together?

  9. 70
    Hazel An

    Hey! I think this a great idea! They are also in-style this season. How did you ask for a 3 yard measurement fabric? And how much was it all together?

  10. 74

    I love this! I saw it today & immediately went to Joann to buy fabric. I was able to get the fabric half off with a coupon – so nice! I made the straight 2-yard cut scarf and now have absolutely no idea how to wear it. I tried to follow your tutorial but I can’t seem to make it work. I think maybe I’m just not used to the size and shape – I usually wear infinity, pashminas, or square scarves. Did you wash your fabric to make it softer? Mine isn’t necessarily NOT soft but it doesn’t seem to fall as nicely as yours. I’m afraid to wash it because I don’t want to fringe to get all messed up – has washing gone well for you?

    • 75

      Hi Dani! I LOVE your comment and LOVE that you made a scarf – that’s awesome! You just made my day, thanks for the comment! 🙂 It takes a little practice when first tying a scarf that large, but keep trying and hopefully, you will get the hang of it real soon. Maybe I should make a video…
      You have some great questions!
      First, sorry to hear your fabric choice is not the softest, it’s hard to remedy that online… maybe it could loosen up after some wear. Before I buy fabric, I will usually unroll some from the bolt and play with how it hangs. Fabric care is hard to say as it’s different for everyone depending on fabric choices and what the manufacturing instructions say on the bolt and even then it can be a gamble with some fabrics. If your fabric is washable and you are worried about the fringe, you could play it really safe and handwash it in cool water and lay flat to dry, but I would only do that if it got dirty. I honestly have not washed any of my scarves yet and have not problems with stiffness… I will have to look into making a video and explain drape and using it to your advantage when tying a blanket scarf. Thanks for your comment and questions! xoxo

  11. 77

    I am new at buying fabric so this may be a dumb question, but… You said 2 yards was the best. Is this 2 yards by 2 yards? Is that the way it is cut when you ask for that? And then you don’t have to do any cutting?

  12. 82

    I’m about to order online from jo-ann’s to try one of these – just want to make sure I get the right fabric – are all of the platitudes double sided? Thanks! 🙂

    • 85

      Great question, Erin! If you remove enough from the edge it will rarely ever fray.
      Maybe more in the beginning but it’s been a year now and I have never have that problem.
      Hope that’s helpful!! xo

  13. 87

    I’ve been trying to replicate this but I’m having trouble finding fabric large enough to make a 55 x55 blanket scarf! Where did you get the fabric to make yours?

  14. 91

    This is awesome. I just have one question….when you pull the yarns off of the edges to fray them, how do you keep it from continuing to fray more and more over time?

    • 92

      So it would seem; but I have honestly never had that problem. It can get slightly difficult to fray the edges when you go deeper into the weave. Great question, MJ! xo

  15. 93
    liz h.

    does the scarf fray any more afterwards? Like will you have strings coming off the scarf and fall apart? What about washing it? Will it fray more in the wash?

    • 94

      Not really unless you are picking at it, the more it frays the harder it is for the strings to release from the weave of the fabric. Great question Liz! xoxo

  16. 95

    Love your tutorial of how they are made. I like the idea of cutting it in half because than you get two for the price of one. I love them but I can’t see spending 30 plus dollars on a scarf that is just CRAZY! Now for me to find the fabric I want so I can make me some, and maybe share with a friend or two.

  17. 97

    Love the tutorial! I’ll be making these for those that are hard to shop for! Could you tell me where you got the black and white plaid with the tweed stripes? It is beautiful!

  18. 101

    I was given, long ago,many different patterned wool fabric. 100% wool. I will be making blanket scarves from this material. Because you posted your tutorial, I will be able to gift everyone with a gorgeous, practical hand made gift this year. Thank you!

  19. 102

    I was given, long ago, many different patterned wool fabrics. 100% wool. I will be making blanket scarves from this material. Because you posted your tutorial, I will be able to gift everyone with a gorgeous, practical hand made gift this year. Thank you!

  20. 103


    I make tons of blanket scarves but am having a hard time locating a good light fabric like they use with the store bought scarves aka 100% acrylic plaid. Do you happen to have any insight on where I could get a good price on some? Im a small business so I would love to find someone who sells wholesale.

  21. 104


    I make tons of blanket scarves but am having a hard time locating a good light fabric like they use with the store bought scarves aka 100% acrylic plaid. Do you happen to have any insight on where I could get a good price on some? Im a small business so I would love to find someone who sells wholesale.

  22. 107

    Several people have commented that this does not work. While reading the tutorial I noticed the author says “flannel”. Flannel fabric will not make edges as shown. This is a type of woven fabric. Flannel is a different type of fabric altogether. You need to shop for a woven plaid fabric.. you will see the edges already fraying on the bolt. If you are able to pull a string from an end (at the store, they won’t kill you for pulling an edge fiber at Joann’s that I know of) like this, that is how you will know it works!

    • 108

      Great comment! It’s good to note that flannel is a woven, and you are right, flannel is not the correct wordage – however, plaid alone will not make this this comfiest scarf of your dreams. 😉 You need a soft, brushed cotton plaid fabric with a flannel-type of hand. Thanks for pointing out the minor details I missed a few years back, hopefully this will provide more understanding to those with questions. Luckily, I’m so glad most people have overlooked that error and knew what to search for! 😉 Thanks Amy for the clarification and happy New Year!

  23. 110

    Well, I am greedy and I’m just going to do all three. Unfortunately, fabric stores are not open on Sundays. Pity!! Thanks for the great ideas.

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