The Perfect Summer Caftan Dress Tutorial

Ahh!! Monday is finally here!!

Friends, this dress is so glam and so simple to make, it been killing me to wait until Monday to share.

So, as I’m going through all of my favorite things (aka my fabric stash),
I came across some fabric that I have been dying to use.

Unfortunately, it’s fabric I cannot share because I got it as a remnant from Michael Levine’s, The Loft,
but never fear! Because you can seriously find any drape-y non transparent fabric where the print is easily seen from both sides will work… Need a direct link? I’ll make another and post fabric info on Instagram, so make sure you subscribe to my feed! HERE, @rivaladiva.

To be honest, this fabric started out as another tutorial I have in the making… (also perfect for summer so stick around!)
but as I played with the idea for one tutorial,
it kept sparking up a new idea.

I love the creative process and the funnest part is sharing it with you!
If you don’t sew or are new to sewing, this is a GREAT starter project.

But, if you know your why around a sewing machine,
be prepared to have this baby done in less than thirty minutes!
LESS if you are going for a more raw edged, bohemian styled look.

EASY Caftan Dress Tutorial

So check out the diagram below, for this EASY Caftan Dress Tutorial.
The Perfect Summer Caftan Dress Tutorial

  1. Measure desired length starting at the shoulder, double the length and by in yardage.
    I got 2 yards of 54″ wide fabric.
  2. Open fabric and fold in half lengthwise.
  3. Measure out opening for neckline. Cut and finish neckline with a narrow rolled hem.
  4. Measure desired distance of the bodice width, I took in 12″ from the selvage edge
    and made a single straight stitch towards the neckline (fold line).
  5. I stopped approximately 10″ below the neckline fold.
  6. Hem all raw edges or leave edges frayed for a fun & raw look.
  7. DONE.

Seriously, this dress is perfection.
Flirty, flowy, and fun.

Great for date night.
Awesome for long walks on the beach.
Playful enough to be around the littles.. aka totally baby proof and hip toting accessible.

I seriously cannot get enough of this caftan trend and this one is even easier than my LAST Caftan Dress inspired by Hermes.  To be honest, I haven’t always been on the caftan bandwagon in recent years, but I have to admit that I’m finally ready for it and have enjoyed seeing them on the runways for this season.

I love this dress, so GO, make, sew!
(PS. visit the very end of post to see how much I love it a year later)

EASY Caftan Dress Tutorial The Perfect Summer Caftan Dress Tutorial EASY Caftan Dress Tutorial The Perfect Summer Caftan Dress Tutorial EASY Caftan Dress Tutorial The Perfect Summer Caftan Dress Tutorial

Spreading the word one link up party at a time, you can visit the full list: HERE.

Okay! It’s great!! I it’s so easy to make with other fabrics – anything that is drapey, I say go for it!
Check out this perfect head piece to go with it, HERE, as seen below.
DIY Gold Headpiece
By the way, makes the perfect swim cover up if you find a dreamy transparent fabric.



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  1. 3

    My jaw hit the floor as I was reading that you made this! I love it! PERFECT for summer! I haven’t gotten around to messing around with my new sewing machine yet (I admit, I’m kind of intimidated by the darn thing) but this looks so simple and the result is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. 12

    I adore Caftans long and short~when I saw this I thought, finally a quick easy tutorial! But u had a link to download something first to get it that goes on Chrome….I did it but nothing happened after it downloaded and I cannot get to any PDF site for it or anything so what did I download? I just wanted the exact instructions on this…..and don’t know how to do a rolled neckline or any rolled thing! ha! Please help me find whatever I downloaded as I am worried about it plus just want more instructions. Not being a real sewer! 😉 I have made tons of pillows and such so this should be a cinch…just wanted more info. Thanks so much for posting this!!!!

  3. 17

    Riva, you really are the bomb! Love the style and print of this dress! Thanks for linking up at Who’s Wearing What Wednesdays at Pastries, Pumps and Pi!

  4. 23

    Fabulous as always dahling! Plan on making your beautiful caftan this week. Just got some gorgeous
    Okay print challis for it! QUESTION: will you please provide a how-to for the neck opening???
    Would really appreciate it!!
    Hope your move went well and that you are settling in!

  5. 24

    I love this dress! you look so summery and cool. the fabric s amazing- too bad we can’t get it too 🙂 And a pity I hate sewing 😛 I only feature no sew tutorials on my DIY blog 🙂

  6. 27

    I LOVE LOVE THIS!!! I’m just finding your blog etc. and I love your style and you are just stunning! I wish you would do a few youtube sewing specific videos! Thanks for the tutorial~

  7. 32
    Julie Guy

    OMG I so love this caftan dress! I have almost finished it and only started 2 hours ago. I have made it in a turquoise and white Aztec print in rayon. So floaty. I am off to the Algarve next week for 2 weeks, so can’t. Wait o wear it😎🏖💙💙💙

  8. 34
    12 Homemade Dresses Ideas

    […] The Caftan Dress looks exactly like a very expensive dress you could really buy off the rack. The material used looks very expensive, although you could use any kind of semi-transparent fabric where the print can be seen from both sides of the material. A pattern is available which makes it very easy to mark the fabric and cut it out. The finished dress is a lot of fun and it flows beautifully when it’s worn. As you only need basic fabric, it’s very inexpensive to make. […]

    • 40

      HI Karen, so I missed this until now! I don’t remember now, but in all honesty that length is up to your discretion. Make it wide enough for your head or so wide that is sits on a shoulder and off the other! You are in control my friend, thank you for your question! xo

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