DIY Vintage Egg Crate

Hey everyone, for those who follow me on instagram know I have been working on a new home project.

Not only am I finally decorating this house I get to live in, but I am also going to have a room filled with items that look like they belong together.
Like, as if I planned it. It’s getting pretty serious over here. hehe

For my whole entire grown up life, I have never had those cool decorated houses you see when you visit friend’s home.
How do people know what they are doing, seriously? I am a terrible decorator.


But I am going to work on it here and I have been reading a bunch of how to’s to help influence my personal aesthetic and I am really hoping I create and design an atmosphere that I love!

I have started in the living room first. I made a rug a few months back, HERE.

As you can tell I have also painted the walls but I am not ready to show them off quite yet, just know that they are blue. hehe

Next on my list was a plant.
I love palms.

I LOOOOOOVE palms, by the way, I am really hoping to keep this one alive.

Anyways, as I was searching for those must have in the home inspiration pics I came across these vintage egg crates, here, here, and here.

I was smitten instantly!
Crates are pretty popular right now in home decor and when I first spotted an egg crate, it was love at first site!
They have a different size and look that stand apart from other crates you find at the store!
The best part?
The are crazy inexpensive to make and I thought to myself, “I could totally make these, like totally.”

ESPECIALLY because to buy them vintage is kinda pricey, my boys are a little sickly and they would end up with bird flu or something,
and home decor is not my thing,

annnnnnnd hello?!?

I have better things to splurge on, like fabric and hair stuff, and grown up adult things like kid stuff for my kids. Living the dream, yo.

So yeah, I made these vintage egg crates and now I am going to show YOU!!

DIY Vintage Egg Crate


  • Enough of (1 x 2 x 96 inches) of pine furring strips that you can find at Lowes Home Improvement or Home Depot to make your crate.
  • 1 x 6 x 48 inches of pine, for the base of your crate.
  • rope, to tie together
  • sander, to smooth wood
  • Drill, to make holes
  • Stain (optional)

Here’s what you do:

  1. Cut your your 1″ x 2″  furring strips to desired length. I was going to use this as a planter and so I measured mine around a pot, my strips are cut at 18″. Cut your 1″ x 6″ strips at the same length.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
    Now here’s the thing, I didn’t know how big I wanted it but I knew I wanted enough to cover the planter, so I ended up using 5 long 96″ furring strips total to cover this planter. AND guess what, they are like a dollar each. What a deal!
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
  2. Drill holes. I wanted the corners to overlap, just like the original ones. I have seen knock offs and I did not care for the look of the ones where the corners met up each time.
    So I needed to drill a hole about 3/8″ away from the end. Once I made one, I used that as a template for the rest. Let me show you what I mean… when you have your first one done, line your cut boards up evenly and straight.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
    Find the half way mark of the first hole and use a ruler to draw out the half way marks on the rest of your boards.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
    Then mark a smaller line where you your drill will meet up and make the hole.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
    Drill your holes! I used a 5/16′ drill bit. I suppose I could have gone with something smaller but this worked with me. It was easier for me to mark all my boards first and drill last, and I would group 3 up at a time. When you start drilling, go a little slow in the beginning so you don’t split your wood.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
  3. Sand boards.
  4. Stain boards.
  5. Assemble Crate. Grab some heavy duty twine rope, I used 1/4″ thick rope, which fit nicely through the holes of the pine strips.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate This can get a little tricky so I hope this makes sense. I divided all my boards in even four groups.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
  6. Stack and line up the first two groups like so and fish your rope through the first set of holes to combine your first two groups of wood.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
  7. Take the third group and add to one of the sides. Continue to fish your rope through the second row of holes.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
  8. Make a TIGHT knot at the top and again right before you add wood and go through your third row of holes with rope.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate It should look like something similar to this. Add fourth group of wood and fish rope through. If you notice the picture above ^^, there is no knot at the bottom of the crate, just the top.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
  9. To complete your crate, fold your crate in half, layering the corners between each other like this below and fish your rope through the final sets of holes.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
    It should look like this after you stand up the crate and open it, keeping knots up. Securely knot the final two corners.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
  10. Next, you will push the two most bottom boards and tuck them in, so that they are lying on the side.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
    The corners will look like this on the inside of the crate,
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate and the outside corners will look like this on the outside of the crate.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
  11. Lay the base boards down and secure in place. I put a single screw on each end.
    DIY Vintage Egg Crate
  12. And that’s it! Set you plant or whatever goodies you want inside. When I joined the two ends of the rope, I made a square knot. I like the look of it but it’s in the far back corner and no one sees it, so tie it together however you like!

DIY Vintage Egg Crate

DIY Vintage Egg Crate

As we are going into fall, I am also going to add my favorite holiday decor. Stay tuned for next Monday when I show you my favorite fall decor ideas!

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you have a glamorous day!!

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DIY Vintage Egg Crate


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    This is so awesome!!!! I Love love love it! This idea has all all kinds of creative juices flowing in my brain to make different variations of crates using this technique. I’ve never seen it done with rope like this before. Thanks so much for the awesome idea!

  2. 11

    oh dear!!! you hva had a great idea!! look amazing and not complicate!!!
    thank you a lot for this idea! I have a balcony super big 😉 haha!
    do you wanna follow each other? I always follow back so will be nice keep in touch 🙂

    have a great day and so inspiring! 🙂

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