10 Reasons YOU Need to Wear a Headscarf

The 60’s were pretty hot on the runway for fall this season, have you tried any of those trends yet?

Because oh my goodness friends, I have the BEST thing to share with you all.

THE BEST. Seriously.

Now, the 60’s is interesting when it comes to fashion,
there’s that ever famous Woodstock hippie look we’re all too familiar with (sadly, I grew up thinking this was the ONLY trend of that decade – sigh),
then the cool 60s Mod look (think Austin Powers),
but what I love most is the glamorous and tailored trends of that era.

The sixties do not disappoint in the glam department, my friends.

One of my favorite films, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, was filmed in the early 60s and WOW that classic is 100% glam.
Not to mention, the hats, I swear, should be mentioned as part of the cast!
My favorite looks were the turban and head wraps worn by Holly Golightly and  2-E. Shoot, even Holly’s hair in the first scene has a very hat like turban quality to it. Head wrap, turban, headscarf, or whatever you call it, it’s so chic!!

I realize the turban trend is nothing new these days in the fashion world, but honestly, I don’t know many, if any, who have sported this look in real life over the last few years, what’s the hesitation m’dears?
The headscarves are totally reminiscent of the 60’s glamour, like, totally.

Everyone from Grace Kelly, Barbara Streisand (home girl OWNED this look – so glam), Audrey Hepburn, to Twiggy, Elizabeth Taylor, and Bianca Jagger wore a headpiece.
You will find the turban gracing the covers of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar.
High end designers like Pucci, Christian Dior, Lanvin, Guy Laroche and Yves Saint Laurent, all included them in their collections and I am talking about the OG’s of these major fashion houses (they weren’t really gangsters but you know what I mean).

With the sixties hot and happening on the runways this fall, what’s stopping us from easily adding them to our ensembles??

10 Reasons Why YOU Need to Wear a Headscarf

YOU should wear a headscarf, and I’ll give you TEN reasons WHY you need to think outside the bun even beanie this fall:

  1. Scarves are in, and THIS one gets to go on your head. Yay for more scarfs!!
  2. Want to look glamorous? Wear a turban.
  3. Want to stand out? Wear a turban.
  4. Windy day? Wear a turban.
  5. Bad hair day? Wear a turban.
  6. Lazy hair day? Wear a turban.
  7. Hot outside? Wrap your hair inside your head wrap look.
  8. Cold outside? Wear it on top of your hair.
  9. It’s a hat, head band, and can be done in minutes! Whatever the case, you don’t ever have to take it off, SO WEAR A HEADSCARF.
  10. ALSO, I just discovered Missoni had some turbans for next season’s runway show, so yeah… practice them NOW.

Still need some motivation?
Check out Ascia from The Hybrids. The girl works that headscarf like nobody’s business. Follow the many fashion examples she has on her IG feed. Ascia stays on trend while she rocks her fashionable head wrap creations, additionally, I never realized it was for religious reasons until months into her Instagram feed.
Maybe I am slow? Prrooobbbaaaabbbllllly…….
Regardless, the girl is gorgeous and I think she would be considered just another pretty face if she didn’t have something like her headscarves to really stand out from the crowd!
Her head wrap skills are amazing.

I am obsessed.

10 Reasons Why YOU Need to Wear a Headscarf

10 Reasons Why YOU Need to Wear a Headscarf

10 Reasons Why YOU Need to Wear a Headscarf




10 Reasons Why YOU Need to Wear a Headscarf

10 Reasons Why YOU Need to Wear a Headscarf

10 Reasons Why YOU Need to Wear a Headscarf

Lucky for us, there are so many tutorials out there like here, here, here for tying ideas.
Use the scarfs in your closet and wrap away my dear.
Wrap away knowing you are making a cool, confident, and classic fashion statement!

Don’t have the cool confidence?
Think about those classy names I just threw out earlier and fake it till you make it! hehe

Thanks for stopping by and have a glamorous day!
Riva xoxo



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  1. 1
    Heather {Woods of Bell Trees}

    I guess I never tried one because I never really wore anything on my head until a few years ago when I started straightening my hair….hats and things made my curly hair look extra poofy! LOL I might have to give it a try now that it’s straight! Looks great on you!

    • 6

      Tamara, you are always too kind to me! Thank you for your support! Those videos I discussed are helpful and with your awesome hair and some fun earrings I can TOTALLY see you OWNING this 60’s look!! Thanks again!! xoxo

  2. 11

    You are totally preaching to the choir here, I love turbans and have so many different fabrics that I like to whip into Turban Shape! Speaking of which, I really like the way you tied your blue print scarf! And with the lippy et al- tres chic!

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