DIY Fringe Tutorial

Fringe is all the rage right now, I LOVE it.

You can easily buy it already premade by the yard at your favorite fabric stores,

but I’ve never been able to find it the way I like it,
as seen in the picture below..

DIY Fringe Tutorial on

Most of the store options gives you that flapper-esqu fringe trim.

Which is fun, too. But I want something more boho feeling…

So I have a quick tutorial to show you how to recreate this fringe technique!
*When I say quick, the “how to” is quick.

The making takes a few hours – BUT TOTALLY worth it.

For my non sewers, this is for YOU, too.

DIY Fringe Tutorial on

For this DIY Fringe Tutorial, you will need:

  • thread/yarn. I used Patons Yarn which can come in a variety of colors and can be found at Michaels (lot’s of colors found in store)
    and Joann Fabrics, it’s a 100% mercerized cotton. Which has a great hand but you will most likely not throw it in the dryer as it will shrink,
    and most likely tangle as with any fringe. I grabbed one skein of yarn for this project.
  • Yarn needle, like this one.


  1. For my project, “one strand” consisted of 6 x 20″ cuts of yarn.
  2. Combine the 6 to make one strand (pic. 1).
  3. Thread the strand through your yarn needle.
    Insert needle through your fabric (pic. 2) and make a loop (pic 3).
  4. Holding the loop, fish the needle out of the fabric through the hole in fabric
    made by the needle (pic. 3).
  5. Put ends of strands through the loop and pull until it tightens a loose knot,
    as seen in pic. 4.
    DIY Fringe Tutorial on
  6. Make those strands along the entirety of your desired length of your garment,
    like I did along the base of my dress.
  7. Making the Fringe, see diagram below:
    DIY Fringe Tutorial on
  8. Last step is to trim and clean up each strand.
    Using a ruler, measure out the the distance from the last knot
    to your desired length of your strand and trim off the excess…
    I had about 3″ of length and trimmed off any extra 1/4″ – 1/2″ of extra thread tales.

Washing & Care: As will most cotton fringed garments, I would was the trim in cool water on the gentle cycle in your machine or hand wash. This will help avoid severe tangling. With the fringe being 100% cotton, the cool water will help prevent shrinking.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right?

I have to admit, it is a little time consuming but as I said, the result is completely worth it!

It’s also gives you some insight to the value of a good fringe trimmed garment.

So grab a naked trim-less dress, top, kimono, or whatever, throw in a movie and start tying!

I’m working on a tutorial and free pattern for this caftan dress, follow my social tabs on the sidebar to stay up to date for that latest post!
But if you are looking for a similar caftan and cannot wait, visit my DIY Hermes post.


DIY Fringe Tutorial on

Hat: Old Navy,
Sandles: Ross Stores (similar),
ClutchEarrings: My Shop,
Dress: Future post and free pattern, coming soon!

  DIY Fringe Tutorial on DIY Fringe Tutorial on


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DIY Fringe Tutorial on


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    Riva, love that fringe! Really takes that caftan to a whole new level! Where, darling did you get that black floral fabric??? It’s gorgeous and I need it in my wardrobe! Link pleeze???

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