Merry Stars

I moved to California a few years ago and I love it. I love the sunshine, love the great weather, palm trees, peeks of celebs here and there, the SoCal fashion, downtown LA, the list can go on and on… What makes this place worth it? It’s beaches, I love the beach. You will even find the Beach Boys’ Holiday album playing loud in our home. So naturally, the whole beachy theme is my favorite Christmas decor. Here is a quick and easy tutorial for your Christmas tree decor using starfish.


You will need starfishes, scissors, and that clear nylon monofilament thread that you use to make jewelry (you’ll find that in the jewelry section of a craft store).


Wrap clear thread around the center of starfish 2-3 times and knot. Then create a second 2-3 inches above the last knot and cut the excess off. Then hang on tree.



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