Six Weeks

Don’t put away your favorite winter garb just yet,
I have a fast and easy scarf tutorial to share and under 30 minutes to make!


Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow Sunday morning,
forecasting six more weeks of winter.
Call me crazy, but I have been secretly wishing for this prediction…
LA has been crazy warm!
Yeah, I know, “SoCal problems”.
But Seriously, 80 degree winter weather is hard when you love the newest fall colors and accessories.
I had found the cutest scarf tutorial in December,
made a bunch for Christmas gifts,
returned home and bought a bunch of yarn to make for moi,
and then January got a heat spell.
Insert *tear* here.

Anywhoo, February (all three days) has been chilly (high 50’s – I’ll take it) and I can finally get back to making my scarfs!

Can I just say, I LOVE scarfs.
They are fabulous, you can instantly boost the look of your outfit of the day with a scarf.

These are some fun chunky ones I have been coveting,

via Pinterest

chunky scarf. stripes. coral.
via Pinterest

via Pinterest

The first year I moved to Southern California from Salt Lake City,
I saw a woman wearing the coolest, chunkiest scarf.

It was something similar to this,

Photo Sourced via Pinterest

Two things came to mind,

  1. THAT would make the best winter coat…because I just moved from Utah and 50 is not cold.
  2. AND, I can totally make that. I did, it took DAYS.

But don’t suffer the rest of the season like I did making a chunky scarf, we only have 6 weeks left!

Make a scarf in 30 minutes!
This video tutorial from Jennifer West at Pink When shows you how and she breaks down the method fabulously.

These scarves are such an easy and FAST way to add pops of color to your wardrobe without breaking the bank!
About thirty minutes (plus or minus 10 minutes) depending on length and practice.
Be prepared to watch and rewind and re watch a few times until it makes sense.
First one took forty minutes,
the second took 30 minutes,
for my third, I raced an episode of Friends and watched the last 10 minutes with free hands.

Did I mention you use your hands for this?
That’s right! Yarn and your hands are all you need, no needles or hooks.




Find a color, make your scarf, and show me!
Share on my Facebook page, or
tag me on Instagram, @rivaladiva,


I would LOVE to see them!
Enjoy the rest of your cool six weeks, COLORFULLY!

Thanks for stopping by,


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