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Love is many splendid things… Especially in the beginning. Exciting, scarey, adventurous, and stressful all in the same breath; at times it can seem like such a puzzling experience. Today’s Valentine card is fun because you can have many options of what to tell your valentine.

I like crosswords.


This card can be a silly, generic, or as loving as you like! Made to order, just like some of the relationships we have with others. Here are the words available on this crossword love card,

You          Is              Say
Hi             Be             UR
Day          Love        That
Are          Mine        Cool
Me           Lovie       Stuff
XOXO    Happy     LOL
Hot          Hit            Me
Up           Hunk        Hunky
Cute        Ten           Sweet
Valentines               Hola
Mine       This




Printing and cutting instructions here

You can even make your own custom envelope here.

Enjoy! I would love to see what combos turn up!

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Come back on Friday for some last minutes details to add to your love day.

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