Mini Pies

Baking with littles? Ditch the cookie recipes, brownies, cupcakes from a box, and make PIE.

So, I have kids.

A handful of them.

As easy as it would be to let others deal with them and teach them new things (because hello, a gal needs a break from the demands of so many kids),

I strive try to do things with them and enjoy the associated chaos that goes along with four kids. Once a week, school gets out an extra hour and half early and we spend time learning to do something new, non school or chore related.


This week we made super fast mini pies.

Here’s what you need,

  • Pie Crust (we bought ours),
  • Canned cherries in jelly,
  • 1 beaten egg, uncooked,
  • And mini pie cutter/press maker (this is completely optional, you could cut it out yourself and use fork to press the edges but this handy device made my adventures with kid bakery an easy feat).


  • Heat oven to 400F.
  • Kid two rolled out pies crust and cut out our pies shapes.


  • I placed the dough/crust in the press.


  • Kid one filled the pastry with cherries, we put in a modest 6 cherries with jelly for our pies.


  • Kid two was also in charge of the next important step, the beaten egg acts as the pie glue to keep the edges shut when you add the top crust.


  • Add the top to your pie maker and press. Trim edges and add to your cookie sheet. Kid three poked 6 tiny holes on the top while kid 4 napped during this whole process unaware of the tasty goodness that these pies will provide.
  • Place on oven and bake for 18-20 minutes or until golden. Remove from oven, brush with beaten egg, sprinkle with sugar or herbs, and that’s it!


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