Colors of the Rainbow

Did you get your green on this month?
I was talking to a good friend last month and we both agreed that we would miss our Valentine decor.

I am not Irish. However, I like green and enjoy corned beef with cabbage but the decor you find in stores are HIDEOUS.

Most crafts are terrible, too!!

I don’t understand why, you have the colors of the rainbow and gold to work with… Green is in. So what gives?

While I was on the hunt for stylishly cool decor I found a tutorial HERE. I love Alexis from Persia Lou, she comes up with the BEST stuff! Check out her Pot of Gold.

So when I saw the rainbow tutorial last week, I knew I had to give it a try!


Rainbows, metallic gold paint, and a few kids – what could go wrong!?
Nothing. It was awesome! Put on some fun tunes, and let them paint away!

Do you need kids to pull this off?
Heck no.
Was this a fun and CUTE craft I would want to keep for next year?
Ummm YES!

Now to find some frames…

Have a great St. Party’s Day decor or craft you love? Tell me about it!


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