Bad Day Gift Idea


So…. one day I was getting ready to pick my kids from school, foolishly giving myself a five minute allowance (it’s a 15 min walk), and my car would not stop – gah!

HOWEVER, I live in a pretty friendly neighborhood/community and was wise to get to know them over the course of the last year since moving into our home.

They are amazing people AND that’s who I called in my panick stricken crisis.

To make a long story short, my sweet friend had her husband help me get my kids picked up and offered to help me get my car fixed to a point where I could drive that lemon of a vehicle to get repaired.

Throughout my life, my family and I have been blessed to know people like this and I am forever grateful for them.

I don’t think I have enough to give it’s kind words or corny gifts to be able to show my gratitude… but I’m going to try!

With the lemons on the brain the last couple months, I thought it might be fun to be able to give them this “Make Lemonade” gift because life gave me lemons and they helped me make lemonade out of such a crappy situation. I love lemonade and thought it would be cool to have my favorite recipe with some lemons in a bag with the cute punny saying, and punny card to be able to express how grateful I am for their awesomeness!

This would also make a great gift for those having a bad day, like bad hair days, mean people, bad weather, whatever silly trials that seem to be SO EXTREME when we are going through them… EXCEPT for death or real life SERIOUS things, because HELLO this could make a pretty crappy gift. At least it would for me, I prefer to drown my sorrows in cookie butter or the warehouse bulk pack from Costco… true story.

Below is my favorite lemon recipe card printable followed by a “Make Lemonade” blank card to write yer feelings, gratitude, or comfort to the masses.

The lemon art was made by yours truly.
Click on the art, save file, and print from your computer. The documents should print according to US Paper dimensions, 8.5″ x 11″.
ALL Photos and Printables are for personal use only and not to be duplicated for resale or commercial use.

Make Lemonade recipe Card

Make Lemonade Card



What ways do you comfort your friends? How do you thank your friends? Have a better lemonade recipe?

I would love to hear all of it! So leave a message.

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Have great day!


Ps- package it however you like! Basket or bag it, it all works.


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