Magic Cake

So I started this 90 Days of Action thing with the Mister, and every so often there is a free meal day.

I have decided that’s when I will splurge and make something sweet and share with you all…

We just had the first one on Mother’s day – how appropriate is that?!? 

I found this fool proof “Magic Cake” recipe on pinterest and gave it a try.


It is MAGIC and so yummy!

It’s like cake and flan in cake formation!

Okay, what does that even mean?

Well, you have a cake base with, a custard middle, and cake on the top (the bread consistentency).

All I had to do was mix the ingredients!



The recipe I found was on Jo Cooks where she claims to have “pretty darn  delicious recipes”.

This was pretty darn delicious.

The recipe is found HERE, so visit it, make it, and tell me how you LOVE IT.

So leave a message.

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