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Everything I ever knew about painting a rug was discovered on my first abandoned blog, HERE. It ended up getting featured here.

This was long before painting rugs became so trendy!

However, everything I ever wanted to know, I found on

This project can be as easy or as time consuming as you would like. Mine, I have to admit, was a little bit time-consuming but totally worth it! I have been spending the last two years looking for a rug that would fancy my wildest dreams and have come up empty-handed. I also did not want to shell out a fortune for rugs I could possibly not enjoy in the next year or so… trends are constantly changing and I think a good rug really helps define a room while elevating and updating the look of your home. I am, by no means, a home decor expert and I have a hideous “radiant orchid” colored wall to prove it.

Wait what?

Is that even possible?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with the Pantone’s color of the year… juuuuuuuust not my powder room – don’t worry Pantone, I’m still in the “make it work” phase.

Okay, focus, back to m’rug.

The thing I love most about this rug is that I’m able to control color, pattern design, and size. I’m pretty picky so it helps to have a wider range of options.

So here is the before below,


and the AFTER,




You know what else I love about this or this project?

I probably spent close to $50-60 making a 7 x 10 rug. I was able to keep the paint price low by finding a wrong color paint gallon bucket I found at Lowe’s for five dollars because let’s be honest people, there are far more better things to save up and buy like yummy food, date nights, pretty dresses, and jewelry… I also have four kids, so it’s nice to be able to clothe them and keep them fed.

The process was a little painful, but that’s what chick flicks and conference talks are for…


I even made a little viddy that helps demonstrate how I created this pattern using a template,

I did use TWO rugs and Home Depot sells Carpet Seam tape to help keep the rugs together.


Painting was my favorite. No, sorry, removing the tape was my favorite!
It was like Christmas morning… in May!



Between buying a new house and having a baby, I haven’t really had time to think about decorating, so it will be really fun to showcase the progress that I make around the house and get feedback of ideas and things like that from you… I hope to achieve a look that has clean lines with an eclectic feeling, leopard print anywhere that it would work, gold, glittery…
Did I mention classy, too?

Should be interesting!

If you manage to have a few hours to spare and give this a try, I would love to see it!! You can blog about it and send me the link, Facebook me, or Instagram me.

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