DIY Geometric Succulents

Love the title, right? From time to time, I like to be funny punny.

But seriously, to my young readers geometry does NOT suck.

It’s the corner stone of fashion and makes all this possible!




Anyways…. I am loving the geometric shapes in the home AND the mini terrarium succulent trend.

That whole “nature” green home decor that can only be achieved through watering real life accessories from time to time, is so hip…

and although I not a very “natural, go-green kind of girl” (don’t let those oils and granola fool you), I love being able to accessorize nature with glam.
Which is also quite popular and most people have that ombré hair to prove it…

So okay, time to get down to brass tax,
plants that are not made from silk or plastic cause great hesitation in people.

Thoughts like, “I don’t grow stuff, I kill stuff”,
“I always forget to water it”,
or “I watered it and it still died”
quickly flood the brain.

But never fear!

Succulents are suuuuuuper easy to maintain and the watering schedule should follow the classic dress code mantra, less is more.

See what I mean? These little things scream glamour!


So today, I have for you a super quick and easy DIY that can be completed in under 30 minutes,


AND if you buy paint that dries in 10 minutes then you have an extra ten to pat yourself on the back and check yer lip stain << that’s mommy code for brush your teeth now!

Here’s what you need,

  • small vase or terrarium,
  • tape,
  • spray paint (I chose metallic gold, of course),
  • succulent,
  •  and extra dirt, for planting
  • 20140527-113844-41924722.jpg

I used a couple different tapes, the clearanced washi tape no one wanted helped map out of a geometric design, and the blue painters tape, helped section off areas that will not get painted.

20140527-113845-41925849.jpg   20140527-113846-41926405.jpg

Next, spray your jar with paint, add your succulent to the vase (it helps to loosen the roots a little bit to get it to lay down right), then add dirt.


Last step, water.

AGAIN, remember the “less is more” dressing mantra and while you’re at it, you may want to review your look for the day…

Are you wearing the right statement piece that makes this dress code so fabulous?
Are you wearing too many?
Are you not wearing a statement piece? GASP!

Repent now and accesorize accordingly.
I am joking, of course,  because I am always guilty of this “mommy-wardrobe sin” AND that’s why I LOVE these earrings I sell on Esty, such an effortless boost to one’s wardrobe!
Especially those spiral earrings… did you enjoy that shameless plug?

Thanks again for stopping by for another DIY with moi,
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Have a glamorous day!


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