Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse has always been a safe word in my house…

the coup can be a hot mess with laundry scattered about, the children running rampage, a young black lab digging in my pristine backyard and all can be quickly forgiven and tempers pacified with Chocolate Mousse.

Chocolate Mousse is like a warm hug,

a friend – when know one cares,

and it judges not.

But what happens when the Gods of healthy dieting and exercise forbid it?

I have pondered this tender dilemma that has been racking my soul for a few days now until I came across a friend’s post on Facebook titled,

Vegan Chocolate Mousse recipe.
I had to make it.

AND I did!

I would love to post the picture that went along with the photo but it was a LIAR.

They used real mousse.
I could taste see it.




To be honest, it did not taste like Chocolate Mousse but it quieted the inner demons. #chocolatefixproblems

Seriously people, can anything really replace and satisfy the crazies the way real cocoa, butter, sugar, and eggs do?

Ummmmmm….. No.

But will totally make this again.

Here’s the recipe,

It was good and my kids devoured it.

My husband not so much… he knew it was not real mousse and so his taste buds were unforgiving.

Guess what?

I have been saving my cheat meals for next week,

it’s birthday week in my house.

We have TWO birthdays going on next week, and three for the whole month!

June is going to be LEGEN-DAIRY.

Dairy, cuz I gots kids wanting ice cream cake, yo.

You know my secret, so what dessert silences your inner crazies?

Maybe you are not crazy at all but still have a favorite dessert?

Food? Sushi

Drink? Don’t even get me started on those Italian sodas from Trader Joes.

whatever it is, I would love to hear about it.

Until then, have a glamorous day!


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