DIY Garden Markers


I have a colorful tutorial for you today that was inspired from a DIY jewelry post I found from Pinterest.

For a few years now, I have been looking for a cool garden label thingy.

Seriously, YEARS.

The marker from the popsicle sticks fades,
painting the rocks seem to take a lot of time (I never end up finishing them but they’re oh so cute),
and the other types of markers are not so exciting…

UM, come on people, your garden should be fun place, right?

Why the bland options, yo?

You’re out there pruning, weeding, and hopefully harvesting something deliciousness!

But the harvesting is kinda at the end, so you gotta have something fun and interesting to see while you are out there working a sweat and learning patience (btw, I have none).

So that’s why this DIY is perfect for your garden.


So here’s the details, you will need….

  • wire,
  • spray paint,
  • some tools to help you work your metal into place (ie, needle nose pliers),
  • and labels printed on paper to use as a guide.



I printed out my labels for my garden markers using the All Hail Julia font.
It’s a nice cursive font and although I didn’t use it exactly, it acted as a great guide when I made my garden labels.

Using needle nose pliers gently shape your wire into your desired word, such as basil, tomato, or… Rivaladiva, wait what?

That’s where you would plant a birds of paradise plant and stick RivaLaDiva there. Seriously, the colors, the sass, the commanding attention, if I were a flower, I would be that.

A true diva flower and TOTALLY edible for the eyes.


okay, focus…


Next, create a mini stake for your label and cut a 5″ piece of wire (or longer if you prefer, whateves).
Bend down about 3/8″ – 1/2″ of your wire, attach to your label, and with every muscle in your body, crimp with your needle nose pliers tightly with the hook like end of your wire attached to the label. I was able to get away with just one wire as my stake, but you may need 2 stakes (one on each end) to hold up your word; especially with garden foodies like watermelon or zucchini. Notice the stick like stake holding my “tomato” on the end of the “m”, see below.


Spray paint, wait to dry, flip over, spray paint again, and wait for dry. You may have to repeat this step a few times so that the paint evenly covers your label.

Once the paint dries, stick in ground and enjoy!

Easy, right? Muy fácil!

I think the most time consuming part is printing out your desired font on paper to use as a guide and waiting for the spray paint to dry.


Warning, puppies love these.

Especially MY puppy.

Yes, curious black lab puppy, please stay away from the colorful new object in the yard. HA!

Fat chance.

But what’s nice about this is you can rework the wire back to shape, spray-paint, and put it back in the garden. Then teach the lovable beast to avoid the markers like the plague!
I mean, it only took 10 times, but now we are all good. If only I can get him to avoid the tomatoes… puppy problems.

So while I am tackling my puppy off my veggies, give this a try.

I would LOVE to see the different variations!

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Thanks for visiting and have a glamorous day!





I think the most time consuming part is printing out your desired font on paper to use as a guide and waiting for the spray paint to dry.

Easy, right? Muy fácil!


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