DIY Wood Crate


I have an easy DIY project for my wheat-grass juicers out there.

For those who are wondering if I’ve started drinking the grass clippings from my yard, the answer would be, no.


However, I did buy The Wheatgrass Book by Ann Wigmore last year and loved reading about all of its health benefits as I’m constantly trying to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But the one problem I have is the “ugly for the eyes” wheat-grass growing tray…
the wheat-grass itself is beautiful and I’m always looking for ways to bring the outdoors inside the home, however, these plastic trays they grow in are killing me.

Quel dommage!

So I have been working on creating this DIY wood crate looking tray to hold our wheat-grass.


To get started, here is what you need,


  • Wood, 1×4 board or wood from an old pallet,
  • A saw to cut, for those without a saw, home and hardware stores like Lowes, can cut the wood before you buy it at the desired lengths.
  • Drill and bits
  • Kreg Jig for pocket holes and the joining joints.
  • Wood glue
  • Screws
  • Sandpaper and sander
  • Stain and whatever else you need to paint.
  • Handles. I used a rope to create handles but you can use whatever handles you like.

Step 1.

Measure the dimensions of your box, width and length. Add a half inch to each measurement… This added 1/2″ measurement will help ensure a little wiggle room as you bring the trays in and out of the crates as you rotate your different trays of wheat-grass.



Step 2.

Cut your wood; this should consist of four sides, 2 long boards and 2 short boards to frame your plastic tray with if your tray is rectangular like mine.

Step 3.

Using the Kreg Gig, make pocket holes on the side of the long boards that no one will see in your frame; in case, you had a preferred side that you want to be seen on the crate.


Step 4.

Building the frame. This is the hardest part, it helped if I laid the short board on the ground and aligned the long board into place (after applying glue) and screwing the long board onto the short board to create that angle (see picture below); it’s hard because you may need two people to keep the boards from shifting as you are creating a 45 degree angle with the boards.


Step 5.

Your frame should look like this, notice the short board is on the outside.


Step 6.

Measure the distance of the width between the two long boards; with that measurement, you want to cut and add three short boards along the base of the tray.


This will allow the plastic wheat-grass tray to not fall out as you transport it for watering, planting, or decorating purposes.
Add pocket holes to the ends of the 3 base boards,
glue and secure each base board with screws so that the base boards lie in between the long boards with pocket holes facing outside of your tray.

It should look like this when it is turned upside down.

here is the right side up view,
Step 7.
Sand and distress, as needed.

Step 8.
Finishing. This is the fun part, paint and stain to your hearts desire!


Decide what you want to do as far as handles go, you can use handles that are available for dressers at a hardware store or you could do what I did and drill wide holes using a wide drill bit to create a rope handle.

Here are the holes I made,


Here’s the rope (below), but add the rope last because you don’t want you paint or stain to get on it…


It’s a really quick and easy day project and the most expensive thing that you will use is the kreg jig, but it’s an awesome tool and great investment.

I use it for everything.

Just call me the Kreg Jig Diva.


I love it’s in it feels good to be able to find easy ways in such a pretty decorative way to bring in more greens into my system!

And if you are not crazy about the grass idea, it’s also a great choice to store your many fashion magazines, aka children’s picture books and novels, on the coffee table.

For those curious about wheat-grass juicing, I’ll post another time about the wonderful advantages of wheat grass juicing.

Until then, follow me on Instagram, as I will start sharing little videos of the wheat grass growing process.

Homemade deodorant and now wheat-grass? What has gotten into me and these hippy ways of mine?

Where is the diva-ness?

I gotta to take care of the unseen, it’s what keeps me going and functioning at diva levels… of course.

Don’t worry, I have more fashionable tutorials into the works, stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by and have a glamorous day!


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