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This is not a kid complaining post and I am no expert on how to raise responsible and respectful children (even though society assumes I do because I have, like, a million of them)….
BUT, I had an interesting conversation with some ladies I know. They were discussing how one was able to get her kids to cooperate in house chores and the other stood in awe wondering how this giant feat was achieved.

She almost spoke of it effortlessly.

That’s when my interests perked up. I don’t know about you but I instantly feel guilty when I ask my kids to help around the house, as though I am sentencing them to life in “time out” and WHY do I feel that way?

Pressures of society?
Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth from protesting little bodies?
Demands of school and extracurricular life?

I think it’s important for children to learn to work and develop good work habits, what better place than in the home?

To be honest, the crying takes a toll on my patience and I give up. When I mentioned these experiences that run my patience down, she mentioned the following…

“My children are only allowed to respond in 1-3 ways, Yes Mom, Okay Mom, That’s a great idea Mom, ” and she then waits for it to be said.

I experimented with my children, talked about the importance of work, a good attitude, and correct responses to requests made in the home and guess what? they tried and I liked it!

Did it change their attitude? Sometimes but not all the time.

But I noticed my attitude changed. I have a 4 year old grumpily telling me “that’s a great idea, Mom” to my request to a clean room and it was pretty fantastic to hear this, grumpy tone and all.

My friend also mentioned that she has a sign that she points to when the children forget. I thought to myself, I NEED A SIGN ON EVERY WALL.
So I made one.

Free Printable - YES MOM. Help children respond positively towards work.

Free Printable to help children respond positively towards work.


It’s a 5×7 print for your own personal use, not for resale. Click, download, and print. Easy.
I envisioned this print to be framed in gold, rhinestone encrusted frames. Should be fun to look at right?

Anyways, there you have it! What’s your favorite kid tip?
Every kid is so different and they all respond to different things, so I love the feedback!

Until then, hope you have a glamorous day!


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