My 6th Feature In The ‘Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Weekly Roundup

So this week’s weekly round up was fun to be a part of, here are my favorite top 3 stories (besides my own, duh)…

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Yukova’s, How Not to Become a Fashion Victim, epsecially she wrote about big brands and logos. I love the mix of high and low price points in an ensemble.
  2. Between the Pearls, 10 Steps for Contouring and Highlighting, is fun because I love finding new ways to accent my favorite features and minimize my least faves…
  3. But Endear’s 4 Things to Consider Before Going Blond is close to home because I am not a natural blonde (gasp!). I used to be platinum for many years, if I could add a 5th thing to her list, it would be toning. TONE BABY. I am not talking take that booty to the gym but toning your hair between bleaching sessions with a great toning shampoo. Out of all the products I have tried, expensive and cheap, Clairol’s Shimmer Lights Shampoo (Blonde & Silver) is my favorite and super affordable. Nothing is worse than rocking cat pee yellow blond hair.

So excited to be apart of the roundup again, you will find the full list below!

The ‘Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Weekly Roundup
Links à la Mode: March 19

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